questionswould anyone be interested in a coupon book with…


Oops - typing with a two year old on my hip squirming

Would anyone be interested in a coupon book with $50/$250 IKEA (furniture store) coupons? How do I post the details?


Folks are hesitant to answer, because we have had a spate of spam* lately. And you just joined, so no rep. Usually a spammer has no problem figuring out how to post deals though, it's getting them to stop that is the problem. Why don't you post the link here, and someone will take a look and see if it's do-able. If you are legit, welcome to Deals.Woot. If you are a spammer then go away.

Edit: Just saw your deal, it does not work that way. For one thing that whole personal email is just too yucky. This is a place to post deals where you can give a tangible website link, with some exceptions. Of which this is not one. I am sure many parents would love to be able to post their kids fundraisers. I am equally certain it would drive off many members.

spate of spam* say that 10 times fast!


Sorry if I disturbed anyone. I had made a e-bay posting and got several questions from a couple of gals desperate for IKEA furniture Q's. Now that I've confirmed the Q's exist in the NJ kidstuff edition, I did a search for boards where IKEA Q's are listed. This one came up on the top page.

Thanks for the answers.

I guess I'm still hunting for the best forum to say I have these if anyone is interested.


@tewksburymom: This isn't the place for it, however.


Don't know why this question has been down-voted. It's simply someone asking a question.


Sorry. This site came up as a first hit when searching for IKEA coupons. It seemed like info folks would like. I consider myself fully informed otherwise. I've posted the info on e-bay and craig's list. If anyone does have helpful pointers about other forums where it is okay to post, I'd appreciate hints.


@bogie21: I didn't vote it down, personally, but I'm guessing others did because it was double dipping. This question was posted in addition to the offering deals side.


@bogie21: I don't know why either, folks are quick on that button, sometimes. I didn't vote at all, myself.


@pickypickypicky: i kind of thought the down vote meant no, i'm not interested.....again...i'm confused obviously


@gretchena: Wooters are all different, that's what I like. I felt that a new wooter, with questions about how to use this site, didn't deserve the hostility the down votes implied. Since I wasn't sure about their intent, I also didn't want to vote it up. I don't vote to answer a question, I answer the question, if I can.
Since the inception of down voting, there seems to be an almost gleeful, mob-mentality (not you, others), down voting without careful consideration. I think many, are working out how they use their votes, as I am. IMHO, up vote = good deal or question, no vote = neutral feeling about same, down vote = a question asked to be disruptive, a spammer trying to build rep, or a terrible deal. At least that is my current criteria, it is a work in progress. I am sure that other D.Wooters are voting under different philosophies, as you are, and some are eschewing down voting altogether. I like to use my down votes sparingly, like a strong spice. : )