questionshow much did you spend on black friday?


Home depot, Walmart, Board Game Revolution, Joanns Fabric and Craft. Great Deals. Got all my gifts for the whole family.


McDonalds - 9:30pm
Wal-mart - 10pm - 11:20pm
BestBuy - 12:15 - 1:20am
Target - 1:30 - 1:45am
drop off stuff at the house and get leftover cheesecake - 2:10-2:40am
Target #2 - 2:50 - 3:10am
Target #3 - 3:30 - 4:00am
post office (had to pay the mortage) - 4:15
bank (needed more cash and to deposit a paycheck) - 4:20-4:25am
Fred Meyer - 5 - 6am
Lowes - 6:30 - 7:15am
in bed by 7:30am

having fun - priceless


I spent $30 on gas for the car.


About $200 total once you include tax.
Got a used Wii from Gamestop for $80 (mine stopped working for some reason)
Got a new leather jacket from Belks for a little under $100.

Usually I'm up at 3am for Black Friday, but this year there just weren't any doorbusters I cared about.


Around $250, maybe a little less. Only 1 thing I bought was a present, the rest was for me.


I worked that day so I think $7 @ Subway.

Wife bought a couple things from Best Buy (AC Revelations & $100 @ iTunes for $80). That's it.


I didn't much money this year maybe $100-$150 but I sure spent a lot of time looking online.


Left home just before midnight Friday and spent ~$350 in 67 minutes (including waiting for parking) at Kohl's. Got $90 of Kohl's cash for this weekend (must spend by Monday night), a b'day gift for my sister (girlfriend will pay half), daughter#1 picked out a Christmas gift from me for herself (earrings), I got a french rolling pin for myself & daughter#2, and the daughters did some shopping (they will repay me). Since we got jewelry, we were able to avoid the main line for all of our stuff and my first ever Black Friday shopping trip was a breeze.

Back at home by 1:20AM, I got a few other things (2TB USB 3.0 drive, powered USB hub, and some other things I've forgotten about).

By early Monday I had also purchased an Acer Iconia (for myself), a case for it, another for my Nook Color & some other stuff that I've forgotten.

All told, Friday thru Monday night I spent about $800 I guess, though my daughters & girlfriend will be repaying about $350 of it.


$200 for the XBox 250gig Holiday Bundle with Halo Reach and Fable.
Bought it off the Microsoft website.


I did most of my black-whatever (like, the past week or so) shopping online, got all my xmas shopping done and got some neat stuff for myself. Just under 2k.

vote-for2vote-against - bought several small items not sure how much I spent about $60. - three pairs of shows - $60.00
Macy' - bought a jacket - $25.00 - xbox 360 for $149.00 anda few toys - total was $199.00 - refubished Itouch - $117.00
Walmart - bought several toys, dishes, Kitch items, etc. - $200
Target in store - bought net book $157.00, 5pc luggage set $29.99 and 5 towels $2 each.

Total - $858.00


$0.00... If you don't have it, you can't spend it.


about 8k.... BUT - that's because i needed to buy 3 kitchens worth of appliances for renovations (couple of rental units, plus my own home) got a few deals for myself, but also related to the "new home" type of stuff - furniture, etc.

In terms of purely "just because" purchases - i'd say about 500 bucks... got a kinect, and a larger TV for the new living room.