questionswant a free koozie with that?


The koozies will not match your shirt. According to @tgentry "A free Blair Sayer koozie with every order, while supplies last?!? This is madness! Oh yea, all orders will begin shipping Wednesday, JUNE 13th." The Blair Sayer koozies are the Zombeer, JovobeniNoir, and Dystopia Dark Lager designs. So, I guess if you order those three shirts, you'll get matching koozies, but only those three. Although, it's possible I'm wrong, in which case, I'm an idiot and I apologize.


i like that they're offering tank tops with the Beach Bums line. does anyone know if woot has sold tank tops before?


@captainsuperdawg: I'm pretty sure that any order gets a koozie, but only those three designs will appear on the koozies.


@neuropsychosocial: I know that. I read the quote that said "with every order" What I meant to say in my last sentence that was worded poorly and likely threw you off is that the only way the koozies will match your shirts is by buying those three shirt designs.


@captainsuperdawg: Ah, I totally see what you mean! My apologies for misunderstanding your initial post.


@w00tgurl: I think this may be the first time. I just wish they were a buck or two less than a t-shirt.

@captainsuperdawg: thanks for the info! I had thought it might be limited, but did not scan deep enough. With summer approaching, it would be awesome to have my own special koozie.

@neuropsychosocial: think they will run out? I have not yet ordered anything on the new Anvil blanks, so getting a free koozie is def. a motivator for me. But I am still on the fence since I remain confused about which size to get.


of course I want a free Koozy with that.. eating your drinks frank, thats genious


The koozie pushed my indecision over the edge. In for one super-cute nawhal tank.


Personally I think it's a dick move for Shirt.woot not to have a 3-pack set aside in a limited number for the people who only want the koozie. I don't care if you limit it to ~25 budnles... You should at least give us the chance to purchase them; for the people who are interested in just the koozies. I bought One shirt I really wanted and one shirt I kinda wanted to at least get two of the three but I couldn't justify buying a third item just to get my last koozie. Guess I'll be looking to ebay to finish my collection.


Am I the only one who couldn't get what on earth what a koozie?

(I googled it just now, lol)


@joshobra: I know what it is in the Modern World, but I also know what it meant as 1880s era slang. (You found it in saloons and put things in it - but not your beer!) Any fans of Deadwood among the Wooters? If so, you will know why "giving them away for free with an order" makes me crack up laughing. And why the comment above from @cowboydann had me spewing up coffee onto the keyboard.


@adadavis: I have not seen Deadwood. Any way to share the joke for the uninitiated please?
eta: after rereading yours and CBDans posts, I think I might know the meaning now. maybe

@joshobra: I think I knew them as something else a few years back, but the word eludes me now. I am pretty sure it was not a can snuggie though :)

@cowboydann: which shirts did you order? I agree it would be nice for them to offer just the Koozies in a set. Def. a cool gift for the Wooter who has everything else.


@kophia: I have a fascination with squid/octopus so I got that one (something about having nets haha!) and then the one next to it, ice scream or something. I think i'll be keeping it, but I also have someone in mind who might appreciate it more and wear it more. Luckily we're both the same size.


@kophia: I have no idea whether woot will run out of koozies! I have zero sense of how many they have; plus, I confess that I'm not a koozy person, so I've been a bit surprised by how excited people are by the koozies, but I get the sense (from reading various forums) that excitement over the koozies has been motivating people to order earlier rather than later - so while I really have NO idea whether they'll run out of koozies, I wouldn't be surprised!

You mentioned that you're not sure about sizing. What type of item are you thinking about ordering? There's some information about the hoodies in the side-sale thread, and that thread might be a good place to ask for advice about Anvil sizing. (If you want to compare sizing charts between AA and Anvil but aren't sure how to find them, let me know and I'll dig up the links for you.) No one seems certain about the sizing for the tank tops, but the side-sale thread is still probably your best bet!


@neuropsychosocial: ty for replying. I had been wearing the mens L and XL while pregnant, but now they are mostly quite roomy. I did see that the Anvil seem to have a tent dimension to them, which would be ok if I wear a more pear-shaped gal, but I am not. I do like some of the tank designs, but will probably stick to the t-shirts.
Not a lot of time lately to read too much on the forums there, so links are greatly appreciated! PM is fine.

As for the koozies, I think it is the idea of getting something unique for free. It def. piqued my interest.