questionsdo people ignore your "no soliciting" sign?


Religion and charities should respect the sign. Charities are soliciting for your money and maybe your time. LDS and Jehovahs are witnessing but in the end want to bring you to their way of thinking, they should respect it.
You could always smile and tell them you are Pagan and have a nice day as you close the door.


I've done various things, although I've never posted a sign on my door. One year I encouraged wasps to build a nest above the door. This year, I let spiders spin webs across it. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't use the front door.

If the garage is open, I'm out in the yard somewhere, or in the house, in which case they can knock on the door in the garage. I'm glad to not live somewhere that I'd need to worry about who is knocking.

I always answer the door with the same statement: "I never EVER buy anything sold door to door." If they say they're not selling something, I remind them that preaching religion is still selling, and that they need to put me on their list of "don't visit." If they say anything else, I inform them that they are now trespassing, and that I'm going to become unpleasant about it. I always leave what that might imply to the imagination.


They ignore mine at least once once month. If it looks like someone selling something, proselytizing, or anything else, I answer the door carrying my shotgun. I too have gotten into arguments with these a$$hats, to the point where I'll call the police and tell them I have a trespasser who refuses to leave, while they're standing right there and can hear the conversation.

Many municipalities have ordinances requiring city-issued permits for anyone selling door-to-door. I suggest you find out if your city has any such laws, and if they do, start turning these guys in.

My only exception is for kids doing fundraising for scouts, charity, sporting teams, etc. I like seeing kids have the guts to do that.


My "no soliciting sign" is a fence and a 6'2" Great Dane standing up on it with a bark that can set off car alarms. A friend of mine followed the old Norse religion, and he'd offer to trade an hour for an hour of religious education. They generally declined.

Before the fence, I used to tell "missionaries" that they had 60 seconds to tell me something I'd never heard before and if they could I would let them in. I only ever had to make good on that once. The guy said, "I'm the new pastor for the church down the street and I just dropped by to tell you that God loves you and we love you too. If you need anything, you just come and ask us for help, you don't need to be a member of the congregation or come to our church. You are a part of our family" That guy got my respect and a cold soda.

You need a new doormat:


That is appallingly disrespectful behaviour. I would be hurling as much obscenity as I could at them. Consider it a verbal attack for trespassing and they're lucky it doesn't turn physical while they're on your property.

Don't get carried away, think about what you are doing, but make a damn clear point.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for stupidity. It is the one situation I might bend my beliefs when it comes to gun ownership.... Morons make the world a worse place for everyone. I am so sick of all these dumb warnings we get pandering to the stupid. "Mind the gap", "Caution, hot beverage", "keep back from ledge" etc... just getting in the way and ruining the view. Survival of the fittest should not be limited to just physical fitness but also mental. (yes, sentiments shared by millions of internet users and stoners combined, but why has nothing changed? :( )

Ok, that's my rant on stupid people. Bye now.


One spring when I was home daily for a couple of months we were besieged by members of a particular Southern Baptist church who walked the streets, a pair on each side, for days and days and days. They too insisted they weren't 'selling' anything. I finally called the pastor and advised him I would report his church to the police for trespassing if they came to my door again. He tried hard to insist he had no control over his flock, but that was the last time that church's members visited my house.

My spouse, OTOH, will happily go outside and engage them for an hour or so. He's very good at calmly rebutting religious carp and enjoys the passive-aggressive nature of the game. His personal best is just over an hour before the two women gave up and literally just turned around and walked away.

I really don't want any stranger knocking on my door; unless the house is on fire, there's nothing they can say or offer me that I'm interested in.


@magic cave: I once did that with a JW Circuit Overseer. His "underlings" sat mouth agape at our verbal sparring, but they conceded defeat and left after about a half hour.

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I had an instructor (large man) who would answer the door naked when someone would ignore his no solicitation sign. However, that was before cell phone cams.

I generally just ignore them. Of course, having a large dog helps...although mine isn't as large as some.


@okham: I think I knocked on his door once when I was 10 and selling candy for some school promotion. First naked man I'd ever seen and not a pretty sight. Not a good idea either, these days it can get you tagged as a child molester and hounded for life.


The only people that ignore the No Solicitors signs are solicitors. One such person professed, "but what I have to offer is worth it. I am doing you a favor". Ugh!


I made one myself and included my local code on solicitors. I also had someone translate it into Spanish.

It worked quite well. When you quote the local code, I guess they started worrying about me calling the police.


@morriea: Possible response to that carp: "No problem! You give me $20, and at the end of your spiel I'll give it back to you if I think your message was indeed worth it!"


I live in a townhouse community and at the entrance is a sign posted about no soliciting and you could be arrested. Whenever I answer the door (I am the first house they come to) and someone is trying to sell me something, I tell them about the sign and that they could be arrested. I let them walk away but I say that someone else could end up calling the police on them. It shuts them up and gets them out of the neighborhood. Since I have been doing that, there has been a significant drop off in the people going door to door.


@moondrake: I was in high school trying to get donations of food or money for the food pantries (something was sent out in the local neighborhoods ahead of time) and a lady opened the door naked hiding behind the door and her dog. Not a clue why she felt the need to open the door naked.


I got me a pen and a paper and I made up my own little sign
I said thank you Lord for thinking about me, I'm alive and doing fine


Now, hey you Mister! can't you read, you got to have a shirt and tie to get a seat
You can't even watch, no you can't eat, you ain't suppose to be here
Sign said you got to have a membership card to get inside Uh!


@caffeine_dude: Love your sign ! I make it a rule to always buy from kids selling girl scout cookies, something for the local schools, that sort of thing. It's good for the kids, and besides, it usually involves some form of chocolate.


@caffeine_dude: If the "missionaries" brought Starbucks and Girl Scout cookies to share while they "saved" people, I bet they'd get a lot more open doors. And the occasional mugging.


I have the sign, it does nothing, but I don't let it ruin my day. I wasn't going to bother posting to this thread, because the "huhuhuhuh...I just answer the door with a gun and then spray down the porch...huhuhuhuh" crowd would just downvote it.

But then just a few minutes ago, a knock at the door. Last week I called AT&T and told them stop sending me postcards about U-verse. They were up to three a week. I told them it's never happening, so just stop it. Guess who was at the door. Rather than making empty threats about police and guns and whatnot, I just laughed at him. He asked why I won't consider their service, I told him TiVo is better regardless of what his training said, U-verse doesn't service this address so the internet connection would be DSL, and I switched from their phone to the cable company's over a year ago because despite his claims, AT&T could not beat their price. That stopped him cold. Rather than making me mad, this made me laugh. Why should this ruin my day?


@wisenekt: If ladies answered to door naked, that would encourage me to become a door to door solicitor!


My subdivision has large "no soliciting" signs at both entrances. That doesn't stop solicitors from coming in. I'm at the 3rd house inside one of the entrances.

If the doorbell rings I take a peek through the blinds. If it isn't someone I know, I don't answer the door, period.

If I see a Fedex or UPS truck outside, or if it is a neighbor, I will answer the door.

I haven't spoken to a door to door solicitor in years.


When I bought my house I put up a "No Soliciting, No Proselytizing" sign by my front door. Within a month I had a van with about a dozen adults, 26 kids, 3 dogs and a pup (Okay, I'm exaggerating. A little.) arrive in my driveway. One woman got out, rang my doorbell, and started her spiel for __ religion as soon as I opened the door. I silently pointed at the sign. She looked at it, got a confused expression on her face, and said: "I don't know what that means!"

Anyone know how to convey the same message in words of one syllable?


I had to put up a sign. I read the city ordinance about the size of the sign and the distance to be viewable from the street. I have had a few churches come by since but I tell them to go away through the door. I literally don't open the door for anyone I don't know. There are too many folks with bad intentions these days. Summer is coming and this is when solicitors are out in force.