questionsis anyone going to be tuning in to the season…


Nope. Tried to watch a few episodes, but just couldn't get into it. I really enjoy the books, though.

Spoiler: Sookie dies and Bill and Eric run off together. Just kidding, of course.


More spoilers:most of the people are still dead. Or a werewolf. Or a fairy. Or, aww, who really cares except for my wife.


I love the show. I am wondering if we are going to be seeing much of Eric this year, since Alexander Skarsgard was in several movies this summer. Hopefully he was able to manage both schedules, as his character is enjoyable and he is very easy on the eyes. Up until Joe Manganiello turned up he was my favorite eye candy on the show. True Blood is one show that is not stingy with handsome actors.