questionsdoes anyone here have a dashboard cam installed…


This would be something I'd be interested in too. My personal wish list is:

- 12V powered.
- Reliable and able to withstand the cold/heat and UV conditions that a car endures.
- Mounts on the back of the rear view mirror.
- At least 720 lines resolution.
- Time/date stamp that can stand up in the court of law.
- Has an accelerometer to automatically record when the vehicle is in motion.
- Uses an SDHC card and will automatically overwrite old files as needed.
- Under $200.


i don't have one but apparently all kinds of cool stuff happens to you when you have one installed. cars flipping in front of you, trucks sideswiping you, illegal crime acts in front of the car, etc. i'd be tempted to get one to see what kind of spice it adds to my life


@w00tgurl: That's not a bad idea. Think of all the stuff you could post to failblog.