questionsanyone use a uv water purification system?


I know this will get boo-hissed, but Costco currently has a similar product for less than $50 in their warehouses. I can't remember the brand, but it struck me as familiar at the time, so I think it may be worth looking into if you've got a Costco near by. (And, really, anyone on D.W who has one nearby probably already has membership.)


@psaux: Boooo!! Hiss!! Just kidding, good comment.


@psaux: To follow up, I found someone online has noticed it too ... and they claim to have a picture:


Nope, never used one...sorry, but no advice here.


portable ones no, but my house has a uv system


@psaux: Thanks, I will for sure check those out.

@brays3440: in house UV system huh? How does that work? (I am not looking for the answer "very well" :))


yes I have a well so I have a water softener and a uv purification system . Works well no bacteria in our water


I have one, and oh my.. I got it at costco. I purchased it last month (july 2014)
I have only played with it vs using it in practice but it is well made, and lights up:)
Here's a link to a picture I uploaded and brief specs.