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Well, I don't mind the way most of those users post their deals. And occasionally they do post a deal I am interested in.

In their defense, lots of non-website owner accounts post deals I think are garbage as well...


Wouldn't it be great if they could prevent spam somehow like they do with being able to vote. For example, you cannot vote unless you have made a purchase from woot.

So how many site owners post deals that are good deals? Not too many but there are some exceptions and those exceptions are usually posted by someone else eventually if the site doesn't do it themselves. For example the 1saleaday will post their own stuff but someone else will do it too if they dont.


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I honestly think @wootbot is far worse than all of those acounts combined. All I see are pages and pages of terrible "deals" posted from that account. And they're never expired either, which adds to the frustration. If woot won't get rid of their own spambot, I highly doubt they'll get rid of the others. I had to go to the 3298th page of @wootbot's deals (thats 40,000+) to start seeing some that are actually expired.


I'd echo the @wootbot deals being worse. I don't understand why Woot even still bothers with those. The vast majority are either 0 or negative. They're just not deals.

At least most of what the site accounts post are deals in one way or another. If nothing else, coming from a deals site. I dont think it's inherently bad, if they add something to the community then it's all gravy. We do ask that they not spam deals back to back, but even if they do, it's their loss because they're condensed.

So long as what's being posted is generally quality, I don't see much of a problem. Honestly, if they didn't post the deals themselves, regular users would post the same things.


@thedogma and @eraten:

Agree about wootbot. My thought is that this bot was created when deals.woot was initially launched and they needed some deals to be posted. Today, several users are posting deals so the need for an automated system to do it is no longer.

Regarding why they are 0 or 1 votes probably has to do with rep score. If you care about your reputation, you will never vote for a wootbot deal because the second you do, it will be hidden by another wootbot deal and nobody else will vote up the same deal. You get your rep score by the number of people that vote after you voted (before it goes popular) and that will not happen with those deals.

Anyway, at least wootbot does have items that are less than regular price. Some of these other retailers are posting items you can get from their site any day for that price and are not reduced any further than normal.


The @wootbot deals posted from was a program that the nerds at woot wrote to see if it would work. I don't remember who posted that info, but it was one of the staff.


I think we should let @girlwootbot give her defense of @wootbot


Off topic, but why can't @wootbot's deals auto expire instead of taking up 4,000 pages?


@kylemittskus: yeah they were smart enough to get it to work, therefore they should also be smart enough to realize it is annoying and should at least be limited if not removed. I guess not removed since he is quite iconic now


Leave @wootbot alone!! He is just a regular working Joe, trying to keep his job and keep @girlwootbot in, well, whatever @girlwootbot wears. Like all good bots, he just follows instructions. Blame whoever gave him his marching orders.