questionsguide to hot wheels


All sorts of options over on amazon. search for hot wheels track
even just a bag of track pieces for design your own.


Criss Cross Crash!!! Best Hot Wheels track evar!

I had one when I was a kid and played with it for hours. I bought one for my son and he loved it also.


@spacezorro: I got somethign very simliar during my lunch break so we will see how it works. My main concern with that was the fact his 3 year old sister doesnt do well with dont touch .... and was afraid it would get knocked over. ..

Looking at ebay and amazon it seemed just as cheap at toys r us brick and mortor


It's hard to go wrong with the old school stuff.


we would use straight track and run it up the stairs. with some loops and jumps it was awesome. We would use legos to stabilize the whole thing. If you get a set with a jump you will get the all important landing track to funnel your cars back on the track.