questionsanyone rent from hertz and receive a traffic…


Apparently it's not just Hertz that does this:
"At least four of the country's top rental car firms sell information on their customers to a photo enforcement firm. American Traffic Solutions and its subsidiary, ATS Processing Services, signed contracts through which Avis, Budget, Hertz and Advantage agreed to hand over information on renters so that ATS can collect extra money on photo tickets."


That may explain the email I got a couple years ago after renting from Enterprise. Apparently I was speeding somewhere I never visited in New York state although I was on the expressway.
Nice try I thought, some people will fall for it.


I have been billed by both Hertz and Avis in a similar fashion for tolls incurred while driving on the ETR 407 in Toronto. The charges were legitimate, the additional fees were ridiculous, but I wouldn't say it was a scam at all.


Boo on them. Thanks for the heads up that stuff like this happens.


I get bogus traffic violation notices in my email all the time even without renting from anyone.

I did accidentally blow past a toll stop in FL (goofy FL highways) once in an Enterprise rental car; I don't think anything ever became of it.


That just happened to me too with HERTZ and I will stop my credit card too! $30 dollars is outrageous!! who gives them consent to share our CC info...I will pay my ticket not the obnoxious fee