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@narfcake: Top loader without an agitator--unless you can call a doughnut sized lump in the middle of the disc an agitator. The clothes come out tightly spun against one another and wrinkled like nothing I've ever seen. NOT a fan of this particular brand.


@lavikinga: Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Seems to be a common complaint with that type of machine, especially the ones built by Whirlpool.

Back to the topic ... here's a neckline comparison:

AA and Next Level is pretty comparable, with Canvas being just a bit wider. Meanwhile, an Anvil ML manages to be even larger than a 3XL ...


@firebirdude: Ironically, I bought a refurbished Dyson and vacuumed most of one room before the brushbar stopped working. However, customer service was helpful and ended up covering the whole cost of a repair when the at-home troubleshooting didn't work.


Update now that I have my first Anvil shirt, as requested by @lavikinga: I have switched from AA women's size medium to Anvil women's size small. I wore it once BEFORE washing. Impressions:
1) The cloth is definitely thinner.
2) I see no problems at this point with the neck hole, the stitching, or the print.
3) It is longer but personally I like this.
4) It is too big in the shoulders.
5) It is looser across the bust (the AA were always a bit tight there for my preference).

Overall, and again BEFORE washing, I still prefer the AA mainly because of the thin cloth on the Anvil. Both types have their issues. It probably also helps that I only paid $7 for my Anvil because of a coupon code.

I expect it to shrink after washing. Now if only there was a way to get it to JUST shrink in the shoulders....


@sunnyx0r: Thank you. Take my word for it, of all the places it WON'T shrink you can bet on the shoulders. Long lengths are great for long girls. Shoulders that make us look like we're wearing our Dad's shirts just don't do us any justice.


I loved the AA shirts. The new brand is super short and super wide, like an 80's crop top. And forget about washing them as they shrink upwards but not inwards, leading to even shorter while maintaining their width. I do not see how they fit anyone unless they are an abnormally short and wide individual. (I refer to the ladies shirts). The way they bell out at the bottom is ridiculous, way too much flare. These new ladies smalls are as wide as a ladies large in any other brand of shirt I have compared them to, yet the length is like youth sizing. I never noticed the material being cheap and thin, if anything it seemed thick/rough and offered no stretch. Every once in a while I check Woot Shirt to see if they regained their senses but nope.

ps I think Woot got cheap near the end with the AA shirts. I think they started using factory rejects with horribly cut side seams. The side seams were cut at horrible angles and the shirts appeared and felt "twisted" when worn.


Shirt quality (which I only know about from reading about it) is the secondary reason why i don't buy woot shirts. The primary reason is I none of the other woot categories allow shipping to Canada. Until that changes, I wont buy any woots.

I've missed out on 20-30 woot deals because of this.