questionsdo the low quality shirt blanks keep you from…


Not just low quality, but the women's shirts don't fit me anymore is the biggest factor for me.

I do have one of the new blanks and after one wash the thread around the bottom hem was all over the place.


Yes, the shirt quality does get to me a bit. However the main reason that I stopped purchasing was the whole situation regarding shirt price vs. shirt provider. The whole ordeal when prices went up AND Woot switch shirt providers sorta felt like betrayal. I understand that costs go and and a rise in price is logical, but it is nevertheless having an impact on my shirt purchasing.


not only the low quality of the blanks, but the increasing mediocrity of the designs


@studerc: Agree wholeheartedly. Whole debacle with American Apparel/raise price/switch vendors really turned me off. Haven't bought a shirt since. Usually won't even look at their shirts anymore.

Not that I hold grudges.

And I'm sure other people are making up for my lack of purchasing, but it's really the only way I have of "voting"


Not really. I had some AA shirts that were junk too. Can't remember if they were from random shirt buys or not, but that shouldn't have mattered. The main issue was the "trim" (at the bottom of the sleeves and at the bottom of the shirt) where it was folded over and sewn together. Sometimes this trim was all wrinkled because it wasn't sewn straight. No amount of ironing would fix it.

I'm buying fewer shirts because the price went up. I still tend to buy the randos, though. For $6.66, I can't complain about less than stellar quality.


At first I was boycotting them simply because of the change in women's sizes - according to the size chart they're all too big for me now. However there was a design last week that I just couldn't resist, and I had a jumbowoot coupon, so I ordered a small and paid $7. It's still in the mail, so we'll see how it goes.


Agreed on the betrayal with the price hike and then switching to lower quality, foreign produced blanks. Especially since Woot justified the price hike by saying that they needed to raise prices to continue using the same shirt blanks. Feels like a bait & switch and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I bought 1 shirt in the new blanks because I loved the design, but I don't even wear the shirt very often due to the lower quality of the material. Very disappointing.

I wish Woot would go back to the AA blanks, which fit me perfectly and were the softest, most comfortable shirts I own


No. I don't buy the shirts because they're almost invariably stupid.


Yes, price increase in order to keep the same quality, i am ok with. Followed what seemed like immediately to a switch to an inferior product with no price correction, i am not ok with.
I bought three randos soon after the switch because i was assured they would be the old blanks, but haven't bought any since.


I'm glad i know about the lower quality shirts now :( i haven't bought one in about a year (mostly due to the designs being sub-par now). Thats upsetting because woot was my go-to for shirts.Threadless & Busted Tees you're my only hope!


I only buy shirts when I have a coupon.

I bought my daughter the Univ. of Procrastination shirt today, because the shirt is warranted since she is at Uni. and procrastinates, and used the last coupon I had. Then I found the "Is that you Jimmy" pumpkin shirt, and wish I had gotten that one instead. Oh, well.


I haven't bought a single shirt since the change. I could handle the price increase but not the quality drop, and both right on top of each other was just an insult--a punch in the face from woot to its own customers/community.

I don't think anyone at woot understands what Anvil shirts are actually supposed to be for--if you're making a run of shirts for, say, a college event or a family reunion that are going to be worn once or twice, Anvil blanks are just fine. They aren't okay for something you want to wear regularly and actually be comfortable in. Why doesn't anyone at woot actually seem to understand this?

For what it's worth though, yes, the designs ARE worse too, which compounds the problem. Just look at the awful "nesting doll"/baby bib shirt from a few days ago which is supposedly the second-lowest selling shirt in woot history.


I will still purchase if I REALLY like the design and Jumbowoot has graciously given me a coupon, but my whole family has drastically reduced their amount of shirt.woot purchases.


I drank the metaphorical Woot Kool-Aid after they pulled the trigger on lower quality shirts (coupled with a $2 price increase). Needless to say, I was not pleased with the outcome. Neither the shirt I purchased for myself, nor the one for my wife fits, feels, holds up in the wash. They now look physically older than the Woot shirts I had purchased 3 years ago.

I find myself visiting Woot less and less, also due to the website redesign (but that's a whole 'nother can-o-worms). Shirts I would have snapped at a year ago are now not being added to my collection.

It's too bad. I love Woot, I really do. The quirky emails, the snarky news letters, the fun tongue and cheek meta games. I understand business decisions that pay homage to the law of large numbers - but in my mind, I'd rather have a few really close friends than a plethora of casual acquaintances. Ah well, C'est la vie.


I think most of you knew my stance already, but ABSOLUTELY it keeps me away. I gave up counting how many designs I've passed up since the switch, but it's over 30.

@firebirdude: Wait until the second wash when it'll shrink even more!

The AA small is longer than the Anvil large after two washes, but its neckline remains even wider than the 2XL that's underneath both of them.

I paid $1 for a slightly used copy of My Morning Sidekick in Anvil 2XL ... its length is comparable to an AA medium and its neckline ... well, my pants might have a smaller waist than that!

@75grandville: If you look at the reckoning, you'll see that sales are dramatically down. @neuropsychosocial has taken over the sales numbers since my retirement, and they're very revealing. This time last year, we had 4 shirts in a row sell over 4,000 each and collectively 17,764 just on their first day. This year, we had 4 shirts in a row sell 2,209 ... combined.


@thejester220: Threadless is due to switch blanks again; currently, they're using USA-made blanks by Canvas/Bella for most of their shirts. Their shirts last year make Woot's current ones look stellar, but at least they did something about that.

Since the switch, GoodJoe is where most of my shirt buying dollars have gone to; they print on AA.


Back in January when the price increased to $12, I posted my support for woot stating that $12 shipped was still a great price for a quality shirt. When a month later the quality was gone, so was my support.

One week ago, today, I found myself touring Woot in Carrollton, and met some very friendly people there. I don't believe that anyone I met was responsible for this horrible choice to use inferior blanks. I decided that day to tone back my rants just a little bit. The ones who have to read and put up with my rants are most likely not able to fix the situation.

I'll probably continue to buy random shirts. The Anvil blanks with their freakishly huge neck holes, and super shrinking short lengths will probably become sleep shirts for me. It's the only way I can see being able to continue buying shirts unless something changes. That stinks for the artists. :-(

Oh, how I wish Woot had never done this!


The quality keeps me from buying designs I'm on the fence about. If I love a design, I'll buy it and if I dislike a design I won't. But if I'm lukewarm on a design, I'd buy it on a better quality shirt. I think there have been about five shirts so far that I've wanted but didn't buy because of the bad blanks.


I may buy a design if I really love it but the neck on the new shirts stretch out way to easy. I hate the way a shirt looks if the neck is loose.


For me it is the printing mistakes. I do seem to be in the minority that the Anvil blanks actually fit me a bit better. I agree the fabric is a lower quality but the AA cut was not comfortable for my body (broad shoulders meant I had to order a shirt that fit like a dress to fit my shoulders). With the Anvil I order 1 the shirt 1 size to large and after shrinking they tend to fit pretty well, tho each color does seems to shrink at a different rate which is frustrating.

My issues lies with printing mistakes. 3 of the 4 shirts I ordered since the Anvil switch have been misprinted, each in a different way (blurry, womens print on mens shirt and off center print). With a personal misprint rate of 75% I cannot justify the order even if todays design happens to be one that would have interested me in the past.


@mrgrogg: I agree's shirt is a prime example of one I would have bought on an AA blank but just won't pull the trigger on it because of the Anvil blank


@natedogg828: today's shirt is one I would have bought on AA, also.


I was bad and bought today's shirt but I used a coupon and it is for my kid that will wear anything (he is still wearing shirts from his middle school days and he is in college days). I really hate the shorter lengths and the wide necklines so, I don't purchase for me anymore unless it is from a plus sale and it isn't a shirt.


@trekmiss: Likewise, I don't believe the decision was by any shirt.woot.staff either, but rather, by the bean counters.

I would've procrastinated on buying today's, however ... it'd be the proper thing to do. That way, @fishbiscuit5 gets a commission. :) I probably owe her a commission anyways ... I spilled coffee on one of my other cat shirts, and ummmm ... similar shirts exist.


Woot, do you hear us? We're willing to pay more for quality AA blanks. I'm in the boat with many others who have already voiced the same opinion. I don't even look at the designs anymore because I know the quality of product I'm going to receive, there is no point. You continuously told us that the shirts were as good or better as AA, but we're saying they're not.


I didn't know they had changed the blanks and I bought a shirt (at $15, not $12). Done buying.


The womens shirts did a total flip, from smaller than normal to way bigger.
I'm guessing trim women have no real choice in a woot shirt anymore.

There would be no size in mens or womens that I could buy for my daughter anymore. She is 5'5" and around 105 lbs.

I'll wear a mens shirt. Had to with AA, the womens were just too small. Now the womens L fits on top, but is big on the bottom and shorter than I would like. The WM might fit on the hips, but not on top. The reality is, I have too many tee shirts, so unless I adore a shirt, I'm not buying anymore.

I would think woot messed up it's womens sales. There is no size that fit a trim woman anymore. So they might has lost the high school, and college age girls completely.


No, I would buy less if they went back to AA. I think the Anvils are far better quality than the AA shirts I've received. Many of the AA shirts had seams unraveling upon arrival. I hated the fit of them and the collars all fold and curl up and look horrible. I love the fit of the Anvils and have only had one problem. I'd say I've bought about 12 of each and 5 of the AAs had seam problems and ALL of the AAs had collar problems. Only one Anvil shirt had a blotchy color problem which Woot customer service immediately fixed.


Quality of the shirt blanks and quality of the screen print keep me from buying more often. I have a shirt where the image is supposed to be round, but turned out an ellipse. Things like that, and off-center registration, make purchasing the shirts a risky venture.


I haven't bought a shirt since the "great shirt debacle". The reasons have been listed here repeatedly. Inferior quality and designs.


@dontwantaname: see, i actually like the slightly roomier fit (and i guess i'm "trim," although progressively less so. daily.)

i am not sure what more can really be said about the topic.
i got nothin'.


@sunnyx0r: Please ping back and let us know how it fits.

The new sizing has me swimming in the women's large, especially since the new shirts tend to "bell" at the hips. I have the classic hour glass leaning toward being wasp-waisted, and while I like the room in the bust so the design isn't stretched out, the rest of the shirt is too danged baggy. I still haven't figured out the appropriate size for my shape, I'm going to see if dropping down to a women's medium will do the trick.
One last annoying thing is no matter the size of the shirt, the eyes on the little ninjas are all but non-existent.


Before the switch I purchased at least 50 shirts. It could be closer to 100 but the new account page doesn't allow me to easily count them anymore. They are still my favorite shirts to wear but I have refused to buy them since the nearly concurrent price increase / blank change. Put me in the category of buyers who would have been fine with the price increase to keep the same blanks.
It has become pretty clear that the AA blanks are not going to return, and neither am I. Just wanted my voice to be heard as well.


I bought one shirt on the new blanks; since the dimensions had changed I bought it in men's L and women's XL to compare them. I actually threw the women's size shirt away it was so horrible (boxy, too short, and printed crooked - this was before I knew the printing issues were common and so didn't think to ask for a replacement... which I wouldn't have worn anyway due to the shirt shape). I kept the men's size one to wear to bed, because I just love the design so much ("after all this time"), but I don't wear it in public.
I bought some random kids' shirts thinking hey, they're for kids, you can't mess that up anyway!... and the shape and fit of those was so horrible (so wide and short) I don't think I'll be doing that again, either.

Since then, there have been at least a dozen shirts that I LOVED and wanted to pull the trigger on, but couldn't justify.

I have bought a couple for male friends and family because I know they won't mind the weird shape. But that's all. None for me.


@lavikinga: A sharpie marker will give eyesight back to the UnNinja.


@narfcake: BRILLIANT! And I'm smacking myself for not thinking of that myself. Thank you! Now, if you can figure out a way to bring some sense into the shirt sizes...


I've purchased 2 Anvil shirts since the change (and 2 more were ordered under my account for my husband) and am not impressed. I'm out until they change back to AA. Especially since the price increase and quality decrease debacle. Yes with the new "high run" quality is shot, of my 2, one was a ridiculously blurry print, the 2 replacements woot sent we also blurry, the other is okay, but some of the GITD ink is already flaking. Lucky for me it's a Halloween shirt that only gets worn a few times a year and should, hopefully, last.

I do, however, now own far too many woot hoodies. I'm don't with those as well. Not in protest, but I just can't buy more without starting a closet riot.


Absolutely. I have to absolutely LOVE the design to buy. If the shirts were higher quality, I would purchase 5 times as many shirts as I do now


Thank you all for your responses. I think Woot gets the picture...

I'm so bummed about the recent shirt I bought (discussed in the details). After one wash, I really don't feel it's wearable anymore. I basically paid for the opportunity to wear a shirt once (didn't even fit right the first time, actually). We're not all 5'5" 350lbs. I feel as though I ordered the correct size, but received some random piece of cheap cloth. Imagine if I bought a Dyson and it cleaned one room, then stopped working.

Any chance at a return? Though probably a net loss after paying return shipping ... :-(


@firebirdude: Nah, you're probably SOL on a return. And if woot isn't listening to the 38 page rant of a thread on shirt.woot - or the ladie's size change thread (25 pages) - or the many, many threads about shirt quality and fit issues - I doubt they'll listen to this one. Head over to GoodJoe - AA blanks, good designs, and charity donations to boot.

I sincerely miss the awesomeness of the $10 American made shirts.


It's funny, because I never liked the old shirts. I had them back to the screaming monkey shirt/cape. I thought the material was too thin and the fit too tight. I had given up buying the old style shirts and hadn't paid attention to the change in supplier. I had to have the Fuego de la Muerte shirt and ordered one. I was pleasantly surprised to find the fit much better and the material seemed a little thicker than the older shirts.


I wasn't really 100% happy with the AA shirts and I'm not particularly thrilled with the current ones, all for different reasons.

AA shirts did have unraveling hem issues. The women's sizes were all super small. I guess they'd fit daintily built women, but I am tall/busty/broad shouldered. Even the women's XL could be uncomfortably tight, especially if I slipped up and the shirt ended up going in the dryer. Those things shrunk like crazy. I usually wear a large shirt with any other brand. I positively swim in most XL sizes. But in AA blanks I looked as if taking a deep breath would result in Hulk-like clothes-ripping.

The new Anvil blanks are shapeless and could probably stand to be an inch or two longer. I do like how the hems seem less likely to come undone, but I agree that the overall cut of the shirts is more sloppy than the AA. And the AA shirts are made of better material.

Ideally, I'd love to see a shirt that combined all of the good points of each brand of blank.


I also have not ordered a shirt since "The Change". I bought a few randoms when I knew they would be AAs but that's all. Sadly, woot won't listen.


@lavikinga: I can't take credit, as IIRC, someone else posted about in the QC concerns thread.


Today's shirt is a great design, but I passed because of the lower quality/increased skrinkage of the Anvil blanks. So in short, yes.


I haven't bought a shirt since the switch, but that has much more to do with the price hike which closely followed. To me, I can spend $10 without really worrying about whether "I really need that" or not. When you raise it to $12, it's only a couple bucks more, but mentally that takes it into the "do I REALLY need this shirt" territory. Plus there are a lot of $15-17 shirts out there in the intertubes that $12 is pretty close to.

Plus there haven't been that many designs since the switch that I've even liked.


Heck, when I could get a quality shirt for $10.00, I'd buy them over birthday cards all the time. My thinking was "I'll spend nearly that much on a stupid card and postage. Why not get them something they''ll really like for just a little more?" That logic led me to buy many shirts for friends. When the price went up, I had to work harder to justify it. Now that the quality is so poor, I don't really buy shirts. I'd be embarrassed to give that quality shirt to a friend and would feel stupid for spending that much on something that will end up as a dust rag after two washings. It's a shame; I've seen several designs I would've been proud to own.


@fishcandy: They were pretty thin and that was one of the reasons I liked them. The heat and humidity is pretty constant where I live and having my T's made from a lighter weight cloth was wonderful.
I was digging around in my Woot T drawer yesterday looking for my Krampus shirt, and found the original Launch T & a screaming monkey T. Had forgotten all about them ( I have one drawer devoted to Woot & Dr.Who shirts because I am a doofus).

I might just have to switch to buying the apron version of designs when they're offered--unless the aprons are crappy canvas.

I wish Woot could find a happy medium where the Bottom Line
AND the customers are happy with the product offered.

Something else I've noticed: the woot designs aren't holding up as well since buying one of the new HE low water capacity washing machines. We turn the shirts inside out to wash and hang them to dry, but notice the paint is flaking off much faster. (I hate that machine & am saving for a Speed Queen!)


@lavikinga: I have to say, the Anvil 980s are still pretty lightweight. Not as light as the Canvas 3001u blanks that Threadless uses or Next Level 3600 that DBH/Teeturtle uses, but I honestly have to say that many of the comments regarding their thickness have been more subjective rather than objective.

The Anvils definitely not as "preshrunk" as the others, however; they still shrink a measurable amount when line dried and I'm not the only one who's documented them losing 10% in length in the dryer. On the corollary, the NL blanks are completely preshrunk and at least for a couple of mine, actually increased in length after line drying.

As for your washer ... is it a front loader or a top loader with the wash disc agitator? The latter is definitely more torturous than the former.