questionscould you recommend a high quality android…


By multiple devices, do you mean act like a KVM in that it can pair with more than one device simultaneously, and switch between them?

The only one like that which I know of (and I have searched for a while, though I'd love to be told there are more that I missed) is from IOGear, though I don't know how well it plays with Android.

If that doesn't look that great to you and you can accept the single-device limitation, you might try looking for a used Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. (Or buy one new.) They are nice little keyboards, work well, and from what I have read have worked ok with Android. If it weren't for my clicky-key keyboard obsession, and need for KVM, I would still be using mine. It is about the most compact-yet-functional "real" keyboard I know of, unless you want a thumb keypad or a roll-up keyboard.


@apfrehm: Thank you, that's a great suggestion.

I don't need KVM-like capability. I only want it to be able to work with different devices, instead of just the Transformer (which would be the case if I get the ASUS keyboard dock). As long as it's bluetooth, it's fine.

If I don't need this switching capability, do you know of any other devices that would work?


I found a Palm bluetooth keyboard on ebay. It works great with half the Androids I've tried. It depends on the device. Some deliberately disable bluetooth keyboard support.

The Palm is not as popular as the iGo, but sells for less on ebay. I think it folds up bigger and thicker, and there's no solid "base" in the middle (where it folds), but unlike the iGo, it has the number row across the top, which is important for the work I do.

The gTablet needed an app to help, and it still had trouble. The Verizon and Wifi Galaxy Tabs disable the keyboard support. The Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 (from a recent woot) paired right up beautifully, as did the Asus Transformer and Acer Iconia (10") in the store.


I picked up this one from Motorola

It is light and thin, not much key travel but reasonably good touch. I've gotten several weeks of light use from the set of AA alkaline batteries. and it includes a fine little mouse.

It has Android specific function keys, and works beautifully with the Xoom but paired and works fine with my plain old flip phone.

It was a great deal when I got it for $40. Plenty of other choices for $70 .