questionswhat stores/restaurants have the best "birthday…


Oh! And what made me think about doing this is.. it turns out a LOT of people have Sept birthdays.. Almost everyone I've talked to or met in the past couple of weeks has a birthday in September too - and most of them have another dozen friends and relatives with birthdays too heh.. (I guess it makes sense being 9 months after winter though :D)

So feel free to add to the list!


Oh and most all of the tobacco companies give our freebies (or if you smoke/chew coupons) - they give you freebies on a regular basis too. (usually the best, always free stuff - lighter cover right now) (probably second best, usually free stuff... just got one of those collapsible speakers today)

You might notice all of their login pages are identical heh..


Sign up at these respective sites:

Medieval Times (get a free admission if you purchase one admission)
Dairy Queen (free Blizzard)
Red Robin (free Burger or the price of a burger taken off your check if you don't want a burger)
Denny's (free Grand Slam or price of a grand slam taken off your check)


Schlotzsky's gives you a free sandwich, as does McAlisters. Genghis Grill gives you a free bowl o' food. Ruby Tuesday's is a free burger. Those all require signing up at their respective websites. Johnny Carino's gives you a free piece of tiramisu (without signing up for anything), and that almost makes it worth eating at Carino's.


My favorite is IHOP. Click on the link below to sign up, and you'll get a free meal when you sign up, a free meal on your birthday, and a free meal on your one year anniversary of signing up. The free meal is a Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity or menu item of equal or lesser value, but there are a lot of items that are of equal or lesser value.

Honorable mention goes to Starbucks, which if you have a Starbucks card, sends you a coupon for a free grande drink of your choice for your birthday.


Great list, signed up for quite a few... August is a long way away though. Should be new and exciting around then anyhow. THANKS!


If anyone is within driving distance of the Shady Maple Smorgasbord near Lancaster, PA.
You MUST go on your birthday, bring your ID and EAT TILL YOU DROP!!!
We all wait for our birthday to go, it's a great place. Og if your birthday is on a Sunday, they are closed, but you can go the next day for free too.


Universal Studios Hollywood isn't technically a restaurant/store, but as an Annual pass holder they gave me one free ticket (good for your birthday month) for a guest which I just used last weekend.

Was pretty cool when Disneyland had that "free on your birthday" deal back in 2009 that I never got to take advantage of.