questionswhat would you think of portal taxidemy


Sorry, but CREEPY comes to mind.


Creepy and awesome. It would definitely be original


It would probably be the greatest piece of taxidermy ever. Are you into rogue taxidermy?


@mfladd: Some find taxidermy creepy, but you have to admit it would be a conversation piece.


Do you have any friends? If not, you should find some. Just sayin'.


You could reenact famous movie scenes with mice inside shadow boxes to mount on a wall.

While "Dinner for Schmucks" overall was okay at best, I found his mouse dioramas strangely cool.


@flashkill: and here's how the conversation would go

Girl: "What's that on your walls?"

You: "That? That's just a rat I had cut in half and mounted on two different pieces of wood. It's based off the video game Portal."

Girl: "Wow, that's neat. I have to go now bye."


Take two pictures, each facing the room where the "portal" will be. Then, on the wood (or whatever you're using) overlay the picture onto the opposite portal. When finished, it will look just like the mouse is actually jumping into the other room.


Bassanimation might have a bone to pick (ha! taxidermy humor) with your claim of originality:

So, while you may be the first to implement the concept in real animal skin, Shirts already did it.


@durkzilla: In all fairness, Valve already did it before them with Portal... You can't complain about a copy cat, when that's exactly what you are


I can't believe all the hate in this thread, if my date couldn't appreciate something like this, it's probably no a girl worth knowing.


I think it's a funny idea and it would prolly get some internet buzz, especially on Geekologie


It is an interesting idea, but "creepy" overpowers "interesting" for me. Basically, it's something that I'd look at a picture of online, but if a friend gave a pair to me....I don't know that I'd be comfortable keeping it around. Just IMO.


Yeah, I'm sorry to say if I was dating you, while I could appreciate the reference as I like Portal, I wouldn't be too keen of the dead taxidermy animal part. If we lived together thats definately a piece I'd request you keep In your man Abe away from me heh.

This question makes me think of the janitor from Scrubs, with his taxidermy animals stuffed with other animals and his (squirrel?) pepper grinder you twist the head on to grind.


Apparently you cant edit a comment on deals from an iPhone, and it autocorrected cave to Abe. So just so we're clear, I meant man cave, not Abe. :)