questionsdo you tell an acquaintance about the authentic…


If he's going to spend his money on snake oil anyway, he might as well spend a bit less of it, and send it to a company that occasionally sells good stuff as well as snake oil. If there's a reasonable chance he's just talking and not really going to buy the snake oil, don't encourage him.


@codex: He was showing me his and told me it was time for a new one, a few weeks ago.


@caffeine_dude: Ah, bless his heart. Go ahead and show him but make sure he sees the video link disproving these stupid bracelets.

Science frightens & intimidates some people. Poor dears.


@lavikinga: To me, it doesn't even come down to how a person handles science knowledge. If the company selling it admits it's a fraud, that is enough (I would hope) for anyone. Plenty of links at sport.woot about the company's admission.


@caffeine_dude: He's used up all the magic in his bracelet already? Not very green to have to keep replacing magic bracelets like that.


@fenriq: Yes something about the hologram was faded. I opted to not tell him about it, he may have been pissed off, he paid 40 for 1. Not to mention the video, once you see the video, it is almost like a sign on the arm saying hey I am gullible.


I was also going to question the need for replacement.....


The worst part is he is a bright guy.