questionswhere can i find inexpensive handlebar clamps for…


You must still be looking for a girlfriend, then. Hopefully you are not planning to use these for holding your cell phone while you text.

One of those is a link to Amazon for $3.99, which seems to be about as inexpensive as you're going to get.

No worries. I'm sure @catbertthegreat will wake up in a while, and see this. No one finds the deals like catbert and wootvan.


If it was that easy to google it, i would of found it when I googled it. The problem is "Handlebar clamps" are the bracket that holds the Handlebars to the tree. All the clamps you do find are for gps stuff and cheap plastic most of the time - The local Harley, honda, Yamaha and blended Cycle shops don't carry them either.

I need something that looks better than the electric pipe clamps, and leaves a useful bolt to mount stuff on - something that is not easily googled (found stuff on e-bay at 40 something for a pair, but they were slightly massive and overpriced)

As for the girlfriend thing - I think I'll just go with Gatzby's solution. If it ever ships...


Here is one for $10.95. @shrdlu's seemed to need an item that had a slide on clip. This one is would seem to let a bolt slide through the extra hole for mounting:


Very close to what I need - Altho the chrome bolt and nut and washer will run another 3 dollars at ace. If I can't find one with a bolt, I suppose I'll go that route - I need 6 of them, so I was hoping to keep it cheaper.