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Bah. Every single game is like that..

I really hope there is a way to transfer what I've done from one device to the other.


Just trying to help, sorry if you've done this already:

I am not an iDevicer.


@rlapid2112: Would be helpful if it worked xD

I make a backup from my iPod, then plug in my iPhone...go to restore from backup, but the backup I just made doesn't show.


I remember being able to explore my iPod like it was a disk drive. It's been a minute since I've done it cuz I switched to Macs and haven't tried doing it on my MacBook.


Game data doesn't transfer between iDevices, however I don't know how GameCenter data works...


@jsoko: All my gamecenter stuff was there when I logged in on the new device. Game data, sadly, was not.

I talked to Apple and I'm basically out of luck for the time being. However, when iOS5 is released, theoretically I should be able to use the backup I created from my touch and apply it to the phone, which (again, only in theory) should then transfer my save data.


@thedogma: oh nice.. can't wait til iOS 5! Lots of features Apple is lacking in...