questionsany good upcoming deals on ipads for black friday…


Walmart will have the iPad 2 for $399 w/$75 gift card. Check everybody out at this Black Friday website.


As a rule, Apple does not allow discounting on their items, or not to any significant degree. The best that you will be able to find are deals like the above, a small discount with some freebies thrown in (iTunes card and similar).


You may find a good deal on an Apple refurbished iPad here:

Apple replaces the shell and the battery on their refurbs and offer the same warranty as a brand new iPad. My sister just got a great deal on a "new" iPad or iPad 3 or whatever it's being called now.


If you must...Check Apple's site for their Factory Refurbished ones. Save around $50 and get an indistinguishable from NEW one with the same warranty. Limited availability and supply. eBay, from a reputable dealer, is another possibility to save tax and shipping.

vote-for2vote-against sells cheap refurb iPads too (among other things)


I second the notion of Apple refurbs.

Current 3rd Generation Apple iPads w/ Retina Display
16GB $379 (Orig $499); 4G $509
32GB $469 ; 4G $599
64GB $549 ; 4G $679

2nd Generation Apple iPads:
Back in stock16GB $319 ; 3G $399
32GB $399 ; 3G $479
64GB $499 ; 3G $579

indicates sold out

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@j5: The 16 GB 3rd generation iPad was just restocked today.