questionswhere can i find the correct screw and washer…


Check your manufacturer's website for the parts descriptions. They'll usually have them but they can be pricey. You can sometimes find what you need at the hardware store or if not there, online.


It sounds like your TV is fairly new, maybe under warranty? The mfr. might replace for free if you contact them.
Also, Lowe's has a 3rd-party service that has spare parts for appliances. I don't have it handy but your local store may be able to supply it.


Pull out an intact screw/washer and take it to the hardware store. You might not find an exact style or color match, but you should at least be able to determine the size and thread type (I bet it is metric) and find something that works. Here in the Seattle-Tacoma area we have several Tacoma Screw stores. It's amazing what they can find in stock and yet they charge reasonable prices.


Try using a roll of Duct tape to attach your TV to the wall. Problem solved! ;-)