questionswho's watching the finale of oprah today? i heard…


I won't be.

I have not seen ANY of her shows, not even by accident (does she have more than one?). I don't watch TV except for a select few shows. I use my 50" Plasma HDTV almost exclusively for video games and as my primary computer monitor. The only exposure I have to Oprah is through others making fun of her. ...that's also how I found out she's getting her own network...not that it matters to me since I don't watch TV.

I also didn't know that was her magazine I saw the cover of while I was in line at the grocery store, but I was also never tempted to read it...I only read gaming magazines...while I'm in the bathroom...

I prefer kittens.


I'm a man. I don't watch oprah. I never cry (except when watching "patton" or "the godfather" parts 1&2). I use soap, not bodywash. Technically, I shouldn't even be talking about oprah in this thread, I should only talk about sports, hot women, hunting, car repair, and war movies. Preferably while playing poker. And smoking a cheap cigar. And drinking scotch.

I don't watch oprah.


I won't. Over the years, I've come to regard Oprah fans with the same disdain I have for Ditto Heads. Just because Oprah, Rush, Hannity, and Harold Camping says it so, doesn't mean it is.



Puppies, I'm in.
Never watched one episode of the show. Seen pieces flipping channels and on other shows like "The Soup", don't plan on starting now. We'll see the highlights on the news.


in oprah-giving-stuff-to-audience-voice "look under your all get puppies!!! except you mike..."


Oprah is aired on your local CBS affiliate. Please check your listings for more. Or go here:


Nothing Oprah has ever done has been worth knowing about, let alone watching.


Unless they cover it on "Oprah, Girlfriend" on the Soup, I won't be watching...


sheesh, tough crowd. is this thing on? tap
hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my...

next time i'm posting about beiber!

@bmw66x: thanks for the tip!


@w00tgurl: rag timmeeee gallllllll! Oh the WB froggie. So great was he. Now he's outta town. silly CW, cartoons are good and you ruined a network.


@kamikazeken: Ladies and gents, grab your popcorn and....

Look at the big cajones on Kami here.


I'm a guy, and I'm happy to say that I am secure enough in my masculinity to admit that I have the greatest respect for Oprah. She is a national treasure. I saw her last show, and it was a love letter to us, her audience, and a challenge to reach our potential in whatever we do.

I suppose, if like Sykotek, you prefer to spend your whole life playing video games, you wouldn't want to have someone offer advice on being your best self, however.


@quadconpana: thank you for speaking up, you brave soul.


Although I'm NOT a man, I concur with the sentiments of @kamikazeken. I'm an adult, and there's very little on daytime (broadcast) television that I wouldn't consider punishment, if forced to watch. More power to the woman; she's done some good in the world, and that's fine. That doesn't mean that I'd willingly sit and listen to 2 or 3 minutes of it. I've seen bits and pieces end up on the news, and that was annoying enough, thanks.

If I want mindless foolishness, I have TruTV and World's Dumbest...or the Fresh tab on Deals dot woot.


@mtm2: That's not true, she's given a ton of money to charitable causes. That's worth something.


@w00tgurl: bieber?
says a prayer
god, please take bieber now, and can we have jimi hendrix back?