questionsdo you watch arena football?


I personally used to love watching it, but haven't seen it in a while. Its a quite entertaining high scoring sport! What channels do they show it on nowadays?


I used to like going to the games because they were really cheap, but I haven't been to one since the 80's.


@jml879: I watch the Philly Soul on my local Comcast cable channel.


It's one of those sports that I might have on in the background if there's nothing better on. It's entertaining, to say the least.


Yes - I attended the AFL Jacksonville Sharks games this season and the last two (three total). Aaron Garcia was our QB the first two years - he had the TD record for indoor football.

It is a fast game, very enjoyable and loud. Alot of advertisements which I guess is the norm and the games averaged about 9K-10K in attendance and is a good lead in to the NFL season. Sharks lost to Philly this past Friday and the Jags first preseason is this week.


@kbsig106: Go Sharks! Sadly, the only championship football team Jacksonville is going to have for a long time.