questionswhere can i find small white ceramic flower pots…


These are the closest I could find:

You would have to paint them white yourself though.

Wishing you a lovely wedding as well!



@notanaardvark: I like the pails, but she is set on flower pots. The design your own pots would be perfect, but they are just a little out of our price range. Every penny counts, especially when we've spent quite a few pennies already.

@thefenst: These could work. Although I have the feeling that I would be the one painting them.


Sorry, I have nothing better that I found. Best wishes on your marriage!


Well if you were thinking $1 a piece and around $100 the one @thefenst found is really perfect. You're basically "saving" $44 and with that you could spend on spray paint. Considering these are fairly small it wouldn't take that long, nor that much paint.

It's definitely hard planning on a budget. It's difficult to decide is time worth the money or the effort worth the savings. In this scenario though I'd say the effort is totally worth it, you're basically getting exactly what you want, just with a little elbow grease ;)

Congrats on the wedding!


Take a look at an Ikea if you have one near you, they may have something like that.

Here are some ideas:


@90mcg112: These are nice, and definetly in our price range, but we're looking for something more traditional. Also, the nearest IKEA is an hour and a half away.

@magiclela: You're absolutely right, and after showing my fiance all of the choices suggested by the wonderful folks of wooterville, I think we've decided to go with @thefenst's suggestion and paint them.


Dollar tree has 3 in a package of the 2 and half inch terra cota pots for a $1.00. I have also seen them at Micheal's, JoAnn Fabric, and Hobby Lobby. They all are around about that price depending upon what size you want. You would have to spray paint them white but even cheap spray paint would cover them nicely. You could put your seed paper on a craft stick (you can buy them already colored if you like) and plant it in the pot. Good luck!