questionsis eating raw noodles bad for you?


how raw are you talking? as in "i just mixed the dough, rolled it out and ate it" or "i bought a bag of dry pasta at the store and ate it"?


are you talking about instant noodles?
in asia, they sell those in packets as junk food
kind of like chips
tastes great!


@moosezilla: Actually talking about the "I bought a bag of dry pasta at the store". I'm not talented enough to make my own pasta.


@illbebach: Came here to say the same thing. My daughter loves eating those Japanese snack packs of dried ramen noodles. I find them pretty tasty too.


Noodles in general are bad for you <--- I'm an anti-carb pyscho.


Uncooked store-bought pasta is basically uncooked wheat flour (or rice flour or whatever) molded or extruded into shapes and dried.

I doubt it will hurt her.

The "you'll get worms" could have come from the possibility of larve mixed in with the pasta and not killed off in the cooking process. Given modern sanitary standards (as compared to two or three generations ago), this is likely not much of a problem, though there are occasional outbreaks of things like salmonella traced to things that one would not expect (eg. the recent problem with cantaloupes).


It won't kill you, but it isn't exactly good for you either:

As for the worms - not likely with "store-bought" noodles. Back in the grandparent's day, pasta was made using fresh wheat which might contain insect eggs. The theory was that, unless they were destroyed by cooking, they could hatch in your intestines. Commercially prepared, dried noodles are unlikely to have eggs still intact, and they at least partially cooked in the processing.


In college my roommate was baked and ate complete package of ramen, seasoning and all, DRY. He wasn't very bright even when he wasn't baked tho. Anyway he was in the bathroom all the next day.


I'll eat a package of Mama brand (from Thailand) ramen noodles every few months when I get a craving. While tasty, I think it is high in fat and/or sodium. I've been eating these uncooked for over 25 years and have never gotten sick.


Raw pasta isn't bad for you. If you eat it a lot it's not going to kill you, but the only thing is that it's hard on your stomach and a little hard to digest. If you eat a lot of it you will probably end up with cramps or stomach pain.