questionsam i now going to get ripped off by woot like so…


Did you get an auto response with a case number? Have you checked your spam folder?


What's happening is shipping notices are not matching up with what's going on. This has happened to me where everything was shipped "all together" and they ended up coming in two different boxes on different days with no tracking on the second package. Shipping is definitely wonky but you're not going to get ripped off.


@thumperchick: Yes I did get the "automated" response that said they'd contact me withing 24hrs. It's been 3 days and all I've gotten is silence. Unfortunately I've read many, many reviews with the exact same circumstances. Most got a refund only after flipping out, sometimes for a period of weeks.


@zuiquan: I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt ONLY because I haven't had problems until now. Not having a contact phone number and the thousands of bad reviews all over the internet leaves me anxious to have this resolved.
I bought a $900 Treadmill from WOOT 3 years ago, and have had no trouble. Don't think I would've placed that big an order with a company that I knew I could not contact in anyway over the phone. Definitely will consider it on any further purchases.


Yeah, there have been a glut of issues lately. Since you saw those, I'm hoping you also saw the mods here mention that CS has been hammered recently. If you don't hear anything on Monday (CS doesn't work weekends) then we can ping a staffer to see if they can poke CS for you.


@thumperchick: it shouldn't have to come to that. Woot seems to be run and staffed NOW by people who don't care, whereas it was previously run and staffed by people who loved their jobs. Other than a few shirts, I haven't really ordered anything being wooted for quite a while, and I no longer check the woot sites daily.

Kind of sad to see what WAS a prime example of everything that could be RIGHT about an online seller become just another no-CS seller of junk.


@apollyon69: I'm very sorry for the delayed response from Woot Member Services and also for getting back to you so late this evening.

I've escalated your email/issue to find you a replacement (for the lost portion of your order).
Please be on the lookout for an email response soon (to the email acct associated with your Woot acct)

Thank you for your ongoing patience while Woot staff resolve these matters.


I had a similar issue--ordered two items, it said both were shipped together. Only one arrived (Thursday?). But, I received an email yesterday saying the second item shipped. So, it looks like someone goofed up, but at least they fixed it!


@luvche21: Same with me. I order one necklace during the Woot-off and three identical cheapie items for stocking stuffers, all in the same cart. The three cheapie things arrived yesterday, but not the necklace. Today I got a notice that it had shipped separately. While I would have much preferred getting advance notice that things would ship this way, I always anticipate a few snags when ordering things to be shipped around Christmas.

@kamikazeken: If you saw my posts in ATC back in September, you saw that I toured the Woot HQ in Dallas back then. I definitely got the impression that staff there loved their jobs and were enthusiastic about what they were doing. Don't give up on them!


@belyndag: Yeah, it would have been nice to know. But the real downer was that the shipping confirmation email said that both items were shipped together. Then all I got was the one thing I spent $1.99 on and not the item I was really excited for. Well, the tablet better show up quick!


Same thing happened to me. I got an email with a case number and am waiting until Monday to see if anyone will contact me. (complaint sent Thursday)

Good luck with your case!


@apollyon69: I'm sorry you've had trouble. Can you please PM me with your order number?


Woot has always had decent stuff for sale. They always seem to be way more on top of things than a lot of other DoD sites though.... I have been burned by so many of them.


@rogetray: Well you folks either don't have any real input to this company or you're just here to blow smoke up my @zz. Again today I still have received no official response from WOOT that they're even aware of their incompetence.
I'm a patient person, but it should NEVER take this long to get a response regarding a shipment.
What I'd like to know now is how many of you folks hang on here just to give each other "up votes" for bogus information that has no basis in fact? Do any of you actually have the ability to contact Customer Service independently? Or are you just WOOT groupies that have nothing else to do with your life? Explain this to me. Why would any of you have the ability to "escalate" something when actual customers have no way of contacting them?


@h2olily: Just wondering if anyone contacted you yet. I have a feeling I'm getting the proverbial "smoke" blown up my @$$. Also getting the feeling that these "helpers" on here are just WOOT groupies that don't really have any real way to contact customer service either.
Very sad really. Guess I can't complain too much. WOOT has had the opportunity to rip me off for a lot more than $18. I'll definitely be taking this experience into account before I hit that "I Want One" button again.


@apollyon69: Very sorry that you still haven't received a response regarding your replacement.

I did in fact request a replacement order late on Friday. Please be aware that Woot Member Services doesn't work on the weekends and would not have been able to process the order.

They've received the replacement order today and your product should be outbound soon.

We appreciate your ongoing patience while they tend to the issue.


@rogetray: And in 3 working days, NOT INCLUDING THE WEEKEND, an actual Customer Service Rep can't reply to me? But you can reach out to one and get a response? Why is that exactly? Do you actually work for WOOT, or are you just someone they use for "gate keepers" to keep the rabble out?


@apollyon69: Again, we're sorry for the delay in response. Woot Member Services is very busy answering many emails this holiday season and is doing everything they can to answer everyone's inquiries and assist with resolving issues members are encountering.

I'm a Woot Forum Moderator and am in no way associated with Woot Member Services. I have been tasked with assisting and forwarding issues in the forums along to Woot Member Services to help expedite email correspondence.

As I previously stated, your order should be filled and a replacement for your misplaced order should be in motion.
We're sorry for any inconvenience and frustration the delay in response/resolution may have caused.


@rogetray: OK... did they actually contact you to tell you this? Or is this just the standard way it's "suppose to" work out? And if they did answer you specifically about my status... why in the name of Lucifer did they not just contact me directly? Seems that if they have the time to respond to you, they could CC me or something.
Also... you could have shortened your last response by just admitting "you're just someone they use for "gate keepers" to keep the rabble out".


@apollyon69: Now you're just abusing the person who helped you.


@thumperchick: If I said anything that isn't accurate, please enlighten me. There was no personal attack toward a moderator; only pointing out that WOOT could just as easily contact ME, as it is to answer someone else. If there was no contact, then that person is only acting as a gatekeeper by giving me the standard line.
It's now 3, going on 4 working days without any contact by an actual employee of WOOT. Makes no sense to have to go through a middleman.


The little yellow-in-white box is how you can easily see who is posting from a staff account. You'll notice not everyone has them.


Little boxes mean nothing. So far I have no evidence that these people know anything other than to tell WOOT customers what they want to hear in order to shut them up.
Rogetray CLAIMS he escalated this on FRIDAY. He never confirmed that he actually got an answer. AND if, in fact he could get a response from customer service, WHY THE HELL CAN'T I???
None of you can argue that this isn't complete b#**%#@p.


@apollyon69 I did get an answer from Woot customer service on Tuesday the 10th.

They said that they would be shipping out a replacement and I should receive it in a few days. Fingers crossed!