questionsare you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?


You definitely don't have the correct weapons to deal with zombies. You're going to have to put yourself in a position where you get close to them in order to kill them, something which is a big no-no for zombie apocalypse survival.

While I am utterly unprepared, I would buy myself an accurate single/burst shot rifle and position myself in a location where I would never have to deal with more than a few zombies at any one time.

People always want to run around with machine guns in these scenarios. The problem with that is that if you're in a position where you need to mow down zombies with an mg, you're likely going to get bitten/eaten/zombie blood on you anyway. Sure, you should have one as backup, but never use it as your primary weapon.


@razmig00: you obviously don't know a whole lot about shotguns. With the right kind of choke, they can be accurate from a far enough distance and then still be deadly in case any zombie gets closer than it should, so I'm pretty covered no matter the distance. As for your plan, I can't really find anything against it other than it's just not something I'd do personally


No. They'll probably eat my brainz within the first few days. Oh well, that's life.


I could use some more ammo...but then there is no such thing as too much ammo.


@mtm2: Good grief, you sound like my other half. I swear, if my home ever catches fire, our next door neighbors know to run for cover. It's gonna be like a fireworks factory catching fire.


@nastyducky: If a zombie outbreak ever happens and I'm immune to the virus, I'll try to find you. Just make sure you respond when i call out your woot username.


shotgun is fine, if you have slugs or double-ought buckshot.
A nice rifle with a scope is better for long range zombie stopping, though.

depending on if the zombies are contagious or not, a chainsaw may or may not be a good weapon.

@lavikinga: same scenario here... (ammo going up in a fire)
I brought home belts of .50cal and 7.62 machine gun ammo as souvenirs from the army. I reallllllly hope my house never goes up in flames.


A shotgun are you INSANE? You won't have an arm left. Also, you would only be accurate at close range. I will stick with my .22 thank you.