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Personally, I would say that we should wait until more around Christmas(Holiday Season) time. It's only been a month since the last exchange I don't want to get burned out on this idea. It was a brilliant idea with great execution I just think we should hold off to allow more crap accumulation. :)

I will also throw my hat into the ring to run one if we decide to do one during the holiday season.


@studerc: I second that. I don't want to start doing them that frequently.

Personally, I think a regifting BOC would be an awesome idea. It'd be a good way to get some laughs if nothing else.



I like the re-gifting theme. We could do it after the holidays, in early January.


However, I will point out that the BOC I sent out was limited by the size of the woot box I had on hand and not the amount of eligible crap. Were we to do another one next week, I could easily fill two or three more boxes of the same size (14" x 10" x 8") and still have appropriate crap left over.


Okay, I was one of the ones who floated the idea of a Halloween timed BoC exchange. Maybe I was a little overenthusiastic, but I still have more crap to share.


I was down with the idea, too, but right now I'm feeling a little sore that my crappee, who is in Brazil, never even acknowledged receipt of my crap at his parents house, where it arrived on 9/21. That just seems kind of rude to me. So I'm not so psyched about it, now. It was more about the fun of the giving for me, which has turned out to be no fun at all.


Dates do not matter for Halloween stuff ;) I have Halloween stuff out year round, also Christmas. I do not hide my flags, either. Why put it away if I like looking at it? So my house is an odd decor, I like it and my husband puts up with it.

I am OK either way sooner (real quick) or later. I am going to be out of town for a couple weeks this month so for me to be in it would need to be done up in the next week or so. Next month or next year would be better time wise for me. Everyone gets busy in December.


Sort of a White Elephant BOC. Early january after the post offices slow down a bit.


I think a late-January one would be best....assuming the Mayan calendar-thingy is misinterpreted.


@jsimsace: If it is, my Doomsday playing cards are WORTHLESS.


Well, it looks like the general consensus, with which I agree, is that if we do it too often, it will no longer be special. Fair enough.


Just one more tidbit here. I think we should probably do it before Christmas. Maybe 2nd week in November. People won't be too busy yet and with the new crap coming, you have potential stocking stuffers and office party gifts. My 2 cents...