questionshow can you tell if your "tattle meter" is…


@robingraves: Hmmmm....very perplexing question. I personally don't know the answer to your inquiry, but I will certainly forward this on to the Mod community at large. Hopefully someone will stop by and help give a proper explanation. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!


That's easy. It doesn't work.

All told.


It's never moved even the smallest bit for me. I've tried tattling pretty continuously and never seen it do anything.


The meters are all crap, as is the leaderboard. The less I participate, the more my rep goes up. What?

I can never get to the top of the voting tally for the day. I can be on top for a while, then someone takes it away over night. Am I at a disadvantage because I am an East Coaster? Why bother?


I have never seen my tattle meter move, even when I have gone out of my way to tattle on a bunch of stuff. I don't know if 15-20 tattles in a day should be enough to move it, but it doesn't seem to be. I did a bunch of tattle yesterday, maybe 15, and it hasn't moved. But what prickles me is the suggestion that I should vote for "better comments". I am not a lemming. I vote for comments I think are great. Not necessarily comments that other people have voted for. Ironically, in order to rank on the "Leaderboard" apparently you have to be a follower.


My tattle meter is 90% or higher. I rarely tattle on stuff. I assume it's more about the quality (good reason, nobody else tattled, etc) of the tattles vs the quantity. If you do 20 a day, they might be ignoring yours.


There are some strong items that will affect your tattle meter (although why anyone cares at all about this is beyond me). I'm very sure of the first item; the second is just a casual observation.

First is the order received. First tattle in is awarded the highest value. It's rather like the "Top Voters" (which is a category very prone to gaming), but less visible in its effects. Back when watching the math stuff was fun for me, I could see the tattle meter moving back and forth depending on various actions. One of the difficulties in seeing the effect of anything you do right now is that the activity is so low in general.

Next appears to be the type of tattle. Duplicates seem to be at the top, followed by Expire. For a while, I was annoyed to note that Moofi deals were NEVER being expired (long after their sell by date).

There's other stuff, but less interesting.

Sometimes I tattle on profanity, and on spammy URLs in postings. Mostly I don't do anything, any more.


It is definitely broken! Been broken for months now. I am a tattle-tale, any time i come across an expired deal I rat the deal out to the MODS. Makes for a much cleaner WOOT experience. My meter has been stuck at 0 for months now, I checked some of the deals I rat out and within minutes they are RIP.


Thank you


@bsmith1: I am tattling on things a couple of months to a couple of years old, which I check the links and either the link is dead or the price has changed substantially. I select "expired" and write either "the link is dead" or "the price has increased to $X" in the explanation box. I don't know how I could give a higher quality tattle than that. I thought the whole purpose of tattling is to get rid of these ancient open deals that clutter up the site.


@moondrake: That's basically what I do. I don't do very many though. Maybe they hold less weight if you do too many? I don't know.


I tattle on repeat spammers, and I tattle on expired deals and dupes as I find them. I still get little messages that I should tattle more. [shrug]


Mine is over to the right at about 90% as someone else mentioned. Wonder why some are stuck in one direction and others the other ?
Oh well. I just do my thing -- tattle on spammers and expireds and dups when I see them and ignore that message of what I need to do to get my ranking up.