questionsfree? what does the 'free' tag really mean?


The free tag means your deal won't show on the popular page. Kind of like the lingerie tag. (Edit: retread your question, and realized you already pointed this out :/ but I agree that they shouldn't be buried)

Personally, I think free applies when there is no cost at all, but I'm willing to go with reasonable shipping costs.


I fear only a mod can answer why they add the free tag. However, I can address the deals you linked to.

Free Bloomin' Onion with purchase is not free, it is just a deal.

Free Bloomin' Onion with menu item purchase for mentioning some guy's name is not free, it is just a deal.

I could go on, but let's suffice to say every deal linked is a free Bloomin' Onion, but to get it you must buy something else. As I've said before, free is free, a good deal is a good deal, free is definitely a good deal, but a good deal is not necessarily free.

Likewise, 'free with shipping' is not free, and often not even a good deal. That's the scam the As Seen On TV people are pulling can get a second item FREE!!!!! (just pay separate shipping and handling).


free should just mean free, not free and $4.99 shipping.


I think it's all of the above. I think totally free or free+shipping are okay to tag free, but "buy this, get this free" should not be tagged free. I think something like "add-on" would be a more appropriate tag


The free tag seems to mean different things to different mods. There were free meal deals all day without the free tag. I put up a free meal deal last night and within 30 minutes the free tag was entered and deal dissapeared from the popular tab. Ok, rant over.


Thanks to those who responded - I appreciate it! I wasn't kidding when I said I was confused. Don't understand why deals that are NOT totally free, are tagged as 'free.' BOGO deals are not free, nor are they tagged as such. When you must buy something to get something else - it's simply NOT free in my mind.

Also, the tagging is inconsistent. Sometimes a 'free' tag is added, sometimes it isn't. Note the exposure on these Deals. Sometimes the free tag is added immediately, sometimes it's added later and sometimes not added at all. If the free tag is added early, the deal 'disappears'.




Sad to me: Most of the Veteran's Day deals honoring our Vets were tagged as 'free.' Even though they were free by deals nebulous definiton, tagging them as such meant that the deals were not visible to VETS. You had to search for them. Would have been nice if those were in the Top tab & could be easily seen.

@jumbowoot has stated in a previous thread that (really paraphrasing here): The Top tab is where people land when they visit deals. They don't want 'free' deals showing up on that tab.

Everyone loves free deals. Those who come here looking for them just might continue browsing & buy something to generate commission for deals. Personally, I think they're cutting of their nose to spite their face - If casual browsers can't find free deals easily on this site, they'll go elsewhere.

Lest someone reminds me - Yes, I DO know this is their site. And I need to play by their rules. It's the inconsistency of the rules I'm questioning.


I would have to say I agree...with BOTH you and jumbowoot. I would LOVE to see free deals on the top tab. But I'm very sick and tired of the 'free' deals that show up there.


Free is apparently in the eye of the beholder.....