questionsdoes is bother you when an online retailer doesn…


I haven't had that happen often, but when they don't send one it is annoying. I like to document my purchases. :)


While tracking is nice, I would prefer at LEAST a receipt to know that my order actually went through. Most companies I've ordered have been pretty good about this but some of them....


Yes, it bothers me. Feels like a lack of full service, or maybe like I'm dealing with a extremely small organization that doesn't have it's act together.


I do nearly all my shopping online, and I haven't run into a merchant that didn't send an invoice and a shipping notice. I'd be pretty leery of a company that didn't.


Yes big time! I ordered from Staples in the wee hours of the morning of Black Friday. When I finally settled down Friday afternoon and took stock of the damage. Upon checking my email I was very confused. I thought I must have been dreaming and didn't actually place an order. It wasn't until the weekend that I checked on to confirm my purchase.


I've gotten so used to tracking information, and what might be considered a surfeit of emails (confirmation, processing, shipping, tracking), that I have been a bit nonplussed to encounter several voids this holiday season. One company is rather small, so I've chalked it up to lack of expertise. Another larger company stiffed me on communication, but got the package to me fast enough that I didn't fret too much.

The big thorn in my side is Office Max. I bought an item on Thanksgiving and got a confirmation. Five days later I got a message saying it would be shipped from a "different warehouse" and if the delay would be more than seven days they'd let me know. I have no idea which warehouse it was supposed to come from originally, or what date they were supposed to ship to which I can reference the "more than seven days." Its now over 7 days since I got that email and my order still shows as "processing." I can't believe Office Max can get away with this level of service.


It bugs me exactly as much as not ever getting my return business bugs them. If they don't care about my patronage, I don't let it bother me, I just add them to the list.


I hate that Woot! no longer emails the tracking number and you have to go under "stuff you bought," log in again, then look at the purchase, and click on the tracking number.


I've had this happen for the first time, twice in November.

I bought something from Virgin Mobile, on Black Friday, and I had to e-mail them to get a confirmation and tracking number.

I bought something from K-mart, and they sent me a confirmation e-mail, but no tracking information. In the confirmation e-mail, they said they would send me tracking information. I had to call them to get the tracking information.


What bugs me is when a company used to send the tracking # in the shipping update email, but now they just tell you it has shipped and force you to log into their site to get the tracking #. It was so much nicer to just copy the text from an email and paste it in my parcel tracking app. Now I get the email, click a link in it, log into the site, click the item, THEN I can copy the tracking #, log out of the site, close browser, and then paste it into the tracking app. Since they used to have the capability, the only reasons I can think of for not including the tracking # in the email are:
1) they want more page hits
2) they had security concerns of some kind


I at least want an email with the order number, amount, and list of things I bought, so that I can keep it in my suspense file until the order arrives and everything is all right. I just want the basics that they will ask me if I call them on the phone looking for my order.


That would definitely bother me, but I think I have always received at least a confirmation e-mail. What I really prefer to get is both an order confirmation e-mail and an order shipped e-mail which includes the tracking number.


It's also possible that the emailed order confirmation/invoice got caught by a spam filter.


I want to second @jsoko's comment! I deeply dislike that woot no longer includes tracking numbers in their shipping notifications. I assume that the rationale behind the change is so that they get paid for the additional ads that we "view" while pulling up tracking information, but this change has contributed to a decline in how many items I order from woot, especially when I'm comparing an item on woot to its equivalent on amazon.


I think I get an overabundance of emails when I buy online. I can't recall not receiving at least a confirmation online.


yup. i booked a hotel, said they would send me an email confirmation.... waits 2 weeks... no email. call and ask if i have a reservation, they say yup its right here!! still no email though

* i 3rd (seconded was taken) @jsoko's comment. WOOT needs to put tracking numbers back in the emails so i dont need to go in, get the link and email it to myself!