questionsan open apology to @metaphore


Not really how I wanted to get known around here. Glad everything got sorted out. I wanted to thank the people that didn't jump on the bandwagon and took the effort to find the information and to some extent defended me.


@icemanforlife: not necessary anymore. It turns out i was a hornse's ass the whole time.


Well, I apologize for thinking the two of you were Brother and Sister! That's kinda creepy all things considered. ;-) Hope y'all can go back to having fun and let bygones be bygones! I'm off to await the arrival of my 9th Grandchild...I get the amazing pleasure of being our Daughter's labor coach again!!! Should be a fun weekend. :-)


Probably just landed on the wrong square on the Jump to conclusions mat.


CBD i just saw you were double checking. Anything i can help you with?


CBD. Thanks for everything yesterday. It was fun talking to you all.


If I could make a suggestion [assuming that the forum mods have the ability (hi @inkycatz?)], it might be good to clean up a few things around the forums to clarify that @lazyzombie and @metaphore were cleared so that folks aren't confused if they run across this thread in the future. I'd suggest deleting @cowboydann's last comment in this thread, which is only post in that thread which references this. I'd also suggest allowing @cowboydann to edit the opening question in this thread to include the information that @lazyzombie and @metaphore were cleared (e.g., rewrite it to say, "I didn't realize they lived in the same house, and when I saw that they were posting from the same IP and both won prizes, I jumped to conclusions. They did nothing wrong and I apologize...") That way, someone who clicks on this question tonight or in the future will see the resolution right away instead of needing to read the comments to learn that nothing untoward happened.


@lazyzombie, @metaphore

We're sorry to have put you on public trial like this. We were in the wrong for doing so, and can understand that this was probably a horrible experience to go from having a good night in the chat to finding out the next morning we're accusing you two of being a shill. I hope both of you will be willing to give us all, and the Woot community, another chance! I'd hate to see good community members have to leave because of this.


Boy do I feel like an ass.

Huge sorry to both @Lazyzombie and @Metaphore.

@CowboyDann and I are somewhat alike and love giving to people but have been burned in the past because of it. Being taken advantage of leaves a permanent scar so the slightest hint of it made us jump. I hope you can look past our assumptions as they have definitely made an ass of us both.

On the plus side, we will never question your integrity again so this could bring us closer.
(please don't hate me/us/deal.wooters)


Being a newer member to the DWC scene I was able to step back and evaluate where others came to the aid of their friend. I can understand this as you would do for your g/f in any of life's situations. Right or wrong they were looking back at past negative situations and building from them. Everyone now will have a story from the other side to take into consideration in the future which hopefully will finish with a happy ending.

Hopefully we all learn a bit from this and try to slow play any "problems" in the future. I hope both you and @Metaphore continue in both deals and DWC. I expect now that you have been heard from a lot of people will step up and apologize for actions taken to defend a friend....which possibly we both can join the ranks of, and seeing their responses seem to be a loyal bunch!


@lazyzombie: Being fairly new to the DWC (only been a few times and only started this month) I could understand the few words spoken...I go the other way, do not speak much but when I do say a lot in 1 line. I guessed and hoped it was 2 different but connected people which in the end it was. I do agree that it was a bit surprising that people jumped to the conclusion seemingly early into the questioning.....but I can understand how it happened:

1. For CBD, stress and lack of sleep does funny things to you. He noticed something and ran with it when maybe he should have slept on it (it happens).

2. As you stated you support your g/f, which is great, the other guys supported CBD in the same manor, someone who they consider a friend. Instead of stepping back and thinking they defended their friend looking out for who they know. From playing full contract sports I fully get that. @wootfast said it best which is how those scenes play out.



Anyways, You deserve a lot more, but I just can't say it here. Things are busy at work today, but please consider stopping by tonight. I'd really like it if we could talk for a little bit. I get home at 8:30 Woot Time and like I said I'm sure I wont be the only one apologizing tonight. Sorry again for any hurt feelings, pain I had caused. The games are yours to keep, you don't have to forfeit anything.

Hope to talk to you soon.


@Lazyzombie, @Metaphore.

I owe you both a bigger apology than I can fit in here, I'd like invite you to come back to chat tonight when I get home from work. I would like to talk to you for a few minutes over private message. Needless to say the whole situation was handled wrong, We're actually a very welcoming community,(the woot addicts that actually want to spend more time with woot people) and hate ourselves. Based on the evidence we had at the time, and the whole fact that none of it made any sense, I jumped the gun. Hindsight says I had your email and should have done that instead, but I wasn't thinking straight last night. I just saw two people who were very quiet and entering submissions seconds apart from each other, and the same HostMask. I hate to think I may have driven someone away from not only our chat but the entire woot community. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to apologize, but please come in, lets chat for a while.
Running out of room.


@lazyzombie: :::hands on hips::: Do you two have any idea how much you worried everybody?

Gotta like a man who woos a girl with Woot wine!


I love everything Woot! When 10 (Pacific) rolls around I check out the new deal, even though I know it’s probably just another Dyson, just like everyone else does. I’m an annoyingly huge Kidfoot fan, and I can’t get that “pizza’s the greatest” song out of my head. I’d personally hate that a simple misunderstanding like this would hurt my views on woot and the woot community and vice versa. Although I must admit it certainly already has, right when I was starting to get interested in the community after a neat night last night. (Apologize for the random French and random convo starters last night.)

TL;DR We are different people, The community can have the games I won back, although It was the thing I was looking forward to most today. Venom being spewed, feelings hurt. Haircuts, waffles.

If you want evidence that we are different people. Just request what you want and I can deliver it
Sorry about the spam.


As for the games, if people are that upset about it, I’m willing to forfeit my games (not that I have much of a choice.) Meta told me about the giveaway probably an hour or two before hand and it seemed interesting so I hopped into chat and decided “sure why not, I doubt I’ll win anything.” It seemed to me that there were a lot more games than people. I mean people ended up with 3-4 games anyway, so it didn’t seem like a big deal that we were both winning a couple games here and there. At the end it seemed like CBD was begging people to take them.
Now about the venom being spewed on this, I absolutely dislike it. I’m attempting to refrain from name calling and I’m trying to take the upper moral ground on this. But the look on metas face when I got home from class today made me assume that there was an angry mob out front about to burn her at the stake; it left me a bit fuming. When a community of peers turns on you it really hurts, a sinking feeling in my chest can attest to that.


Occasionally I get the idea to pop a deal up here and there, some to be funny, like the Weezer “Crab” song , others because “hey this seems like a pretty neat deal” (Chipotle, which Meta then informed me would probably be taken down as it wasn’t a proper deal, as it wasn’t the day of the coupon.) But all in all I’m not much of a deal.wooter like she is. I’m probably pretty passive especially to the forums(they can be addicting), but I do browse a bit, especially for pizza deals. I have held a black triangle once or twice but I’m not much of a presence, except for that clutch contest win (chicks like hearts.) Why we vote on each other’s stuff is pretty simple, because we are a considerate couple to each other. We like supporting each other, if this is wrong, then I’ll stop doing it in the future. I simply wasn’t aware if this was a policy or not. (Continued)


First of let me start off by defending myself. I started coming here when Metaphore showed me the website back in November 2010 when I was invited to her place for thanksgiving. After that, sparks flew between us (we met on WoW) and I moved from Chicago to Spokane and we began living together. I totally wooed her one day when I bought and gifted her a 4 pack of Albino rhino and Adequate Gift wine, while convincing her that we should move in together. (If you want evidence of different addresses I can provide them.) I pretty much check out Woot! a couple times a day for deals and things to buy, primarily shirts. We now have a large collection of the shirts and its pretty much all we wear around here. I mean I’m wearing the Forbidden planet/Futurama shirt right now. (Continued)


@pemberducky: Yeah, that was just a fun idea I was toying around with. The most Likely Scenario would be have people Pay 8 Dollars towards the shipping of their DOC (that still leaves 3 dollars shipipng and prizes for me to put in them) And that's the most realistic scenario right now. I still need to toy around with some other ideas, but that's where it's looking if I wanted to do a game next month.

I figure that would be fair, It's what wooters are used to paying for a BOC and I don't think I've put out a "DOC" that has disappointed yet.


as an added challenge I started a thread about my big fat internet mouth. I wonder if anyone else has been as forthcoming as I have...



@rockytrh - No tree sorry


Damn, you're telling me I bought the $5 rake and $5 shovel for nothing! How am I going to explain this torch to my boss now!


i am glad ppl weren't actually being jerks. (presumably.)
i was bugging @gatzby about deciphering things, but the community went & done it without us!

@cowboydann: i know you mentioned in chat that you might start pooling $$$ somehow for prizes. maybe an approach like that might deter such concerns down the road?
(i'd just hate to see community-driven games's different when you guyez do it of your own accord, you know?)


Since this is a community issue, I changed the tag from "shill" to "community" to help more accurately represent the situation.


@wootfast: The part that hurts most is know I disappoint you. Sorry.


*sadly lowers burning pitchfork; heads back home kicking rocks.


@djbowman: I like to think someone bored has very detailed files on us.

ps. How's my foil hat looking? I made it myself you know. (And of course you already knew that.)


@raider9924: P.S.: Your new furniture looks great from the tree in your back yard! ;)

Fixed your post.


@djbowman: Hey hey hey....I take offense to that statement! We do not do anything like that around here!

P.S.: Your new furniture looks great from your front yard! ;)


after reading this it scares me what could be figured out by this group based on my big fat internet mouth ....


@cowboydann: Still, one aught to declare something like that in future games. Glad you've gotten things unsnarled. Please don't let this dissuade any future good-deed-doings. It's been fun seeing you run around with your hair a-fire! ;)


@zuiquan: So that seems to be the case, Thanks for figuring it out. I knew something was up but I couldn't tell what. While I still feel it was a little underhanded to not disclose such information. I would have much rather them follow @Jezebelseven's lead and enter herself only instead of herself and her man, but it is what it is. Anyways, Upon further examination I did notice that LazyZombie did not enter the black triangle code, which leads me to believe it is legit. I don't want woot mods to delete the question, Instead I asked them to change the name to an Open apology to @Metaphore.

There was no rule against being opportunistic, but I'll definitely have to make more rules next time. Also I apologize for the language and namecalling. As I said, I was running on 3 hours of sleep and lost my head and didn't keep it civil. Add me on steam And I'll get you your games when I get home. Hope you'll accept this apology and hope to see you two in future wootchats.


@lavikinga: That's a bummer, for sure. At least it only happened at the very end—it sounds like everyone else had a good time with it.


@magic cave: @dupedyetagain: The last link in the chain of Offal#1 received the box and never completed the chain by forwarding it on. I guess Life's circumstances got in the way.
What bothered me more than my family saying "I told you so," both of us were very active here, I had hoped, at the very least, for an explanation, apology, something, ANY thing. Nothing was ever said. Live and learn.

On the bright side, I think the second box that was going out with a different list of people made it through to the very end of the game and the original sender.


Is any one surprised that there are selfish, anti-social types in this world?

We all suffer for these "precious" few. I'd hope that the mods will act to ban this person. Plus all the fake accounts that serial proxy downvotes. It breaks and weakens a great community.


@cowboydann: I think I've found your answer. Looks like @lazyzombie is probably the unnamed boyfriend in question.


@cowboydann: Next time one per household and at the discretion of CD. After all it is your game your prizes. Your time, your creativeness and your money.

I personally would not blame you if you error on the side of caution.

And no I am not one of the 'take turns for BOC crowd'.


@jimeezlady: I agree that they may be brother/sister, husband/wife, etc.. A few years ago, my roommate and I would be sitting next to each other but on our laptops talking in a chat room we frequented. Perhaps a PM to them would help solve this issue?


@raider9924: I'm really hoping for siblings, it was bounced around in woot chat a little bit before I made the post. Gonna have to wait. I'm going to get ready for work, so I might not be too active over here for another 9 hours


@jimeezlady: I was going to suggest this as a possibility that it could either be brother/sister or a roommate. If that is the case then it could explain having similar tastes and voting for similar deal and upvoting each others respective deals. My brother is on here (tho far less active) and I have upvoted the few deals he has posted so I believe that could be happening.

I really hope that is the case. I felt lucky enough being home on a giveaway night for once that may have even been the last and it was a lot of fun in the room. I really hope someone didn't take advantage of CBD's unbelievable generosity because it would really leave a sour taste on what I thought was a fun night for all.


@magic cave: As I recall, and I was part of the original Traveling BOC, that is exactly what happened. Someone got the BOC but didn't send it on. We were able to restart the BOC, it's not like we all don't have a bunch of C around, and so it continued but it was a disappointment that it stopped.


Sorry people are trying to take advantage of your good nature. :(


Shoot I forgot I was editing my posts, I would have typed faster to beat the clock.

The prizes are currently in the holding pen, the mask isn't banned from DWChat, I'd like to hope it is a big misunderstanding, but like I said, when you see long trending patterns of voting together, and exlusive upvotes towards (and nobody else other than yourself) it gets really suspicious. I don't know what I'm doing yet, and I wont until I hear from one of the two.

I'd really like to hope this is all my imagination running wild, but I don't know. I just don't see how it can't be scamming free swag...If an apology is owed, I will create another question with a big apology, and I expect everyone backing me here to have my back at that question and help make it twice as popular as this thread.


@jimeezlady: It is just real suspicious that they both closed out in the last minutes, For the most part lazyzombie only said 3-4 words at a time, and looking at the chat longs. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

It just gets really weird when you see months of only upvoting one person, and things like that.


@jimeezlady Good insights. Thanks for expanding my short-sightedness... What you have described seems plausible but some of cowboydann points about the timing of the posts do seem questionable.


@lavikinga: I didn't participate in the Offal offerings, but I'm curious as to how you got burned by it? Never got a box sent back to you? Something else?


@lavikinga: That sounded like an awesome idea! What happened?


what about THIS That's right just 20 days ago you were bravoing (is that a word?) @lazyzombie. What's your angle here @cowboydann? Are you a shill for the shills?

I've clearly been watching too much Matlock lately.


I hope you will take the time to reach out to Metaphore and ask for an explaination before a guilty verdict is passed down, and please keep in mind that not everyone has their user settings set to receive an email when they are mentioned! I do, and even then I don't always get notified! @cowboydann if you would like a link to the other website, drop me a PM and I will give it to you. :-)