questionsan open apology to @metaphore


Being a newer member to the DWC scene I was able to step back and evaluate where others came to the aid of their friend. I can understand this as you would do for your g/f in any of life's situations. Right or wrong they were looking back at past negative situations and building from them. Everyone now will have a story from the other side to take into consideration in the future which hopefully will finish with a happy ending.

Hopefully we all learn a bit from this and try to slow play any "problems" in the future. I hope both you and @Metaphore continue in both deals and DWC. I expect now that you have been heard from a lot of people will step up and apologize for actions taken to defend a friend....which possibly we both can join the ranks of, and seeing their responses seem to be a loyal bunch!


Boy do I feel like an ass.

Huge sorry to both @Lazyzombie and @Metaphore.

@CowboyDann and I are somewhat alike and love giving to people but have been burned in the past because of it. Being taken advantage of leaves a permanent scar so the slightest hint of it made us jump. I hope you can look past our assumptions as they have definitely made an ass of us both.

On the plus side, we will never question your integrity again so this could bring us closer.
(please don't hate me/us/deal.wooters)


@lazyzombie, @metaphore

We're sorry to have put you on public trial like this. We were in the wrong for doing so, and can understand that this was probably a horrible experience to go from having a good night in the chat to finding out the next morning we're accusing you two of being a shill. I hope both of you will be willing to give us all, and the Woot community, another chance! I'd hate to see good community members have to leave because of this.


If I could make a suggestion [assuming that the forum mods have the ability (hi @inkycatz?)], it might be good to clean up a few things around the forums to clarify that @lazyzombie and @metaphore were cleared so that folks aren't confused if they run across this thread in the future. I'd suggest deleting @cowboydann's last comment in this thread, which is only post in that thread which references this. I'd also suggest allowing @cowboydann to edit the opening question in this thread to include the information that @lazyzombie and @metaphore were cleared (e.g., rewrite it to say, "I didn't realize they lived in the same house, and when I saw that they were posting from the same IP and both won prizes, I jumped to conclusions. They did nothing wrong and I apologize...") That way, someone who clicks on this question tonight or in the future will see the resolution right away instead of needing to read the comments to learn that nothing untoward happened.


CBD. Thanks for everything yesterday. It was fun talking to you all.


CBD i just saw you were double checking. Anything i can help you with?


Probably just landed on the wrong square on the Jump to conclusions mat.


Well, I apologize for thinking the two of you were Brother and Sister! That's kinda creepy all things considered. ;-) Hope y'all can go back to having fun and let bygones be bygones! I'm off to await the arrival of my 9th Grandchild...I get the amazing pleasure of being our Daughter's labor coach again!!! Should be a fun weekend. :-)


@icemanforlife: not necessary anymore. It turns out i was a hornse's ass the whole time.


Not really how I wanted to get known around here. Glad everything got sorted out. I wanted to thank the people that didn't jump on the bandwagon and took the effort to find the information and to some extent defended me.