questionsdoes anyone know when the bow flex xtreme se is…


Which vendor had it for sale? (Remember, deals.woot does not sell goods, and all that jazz...)


I know that Bowflex had it for sale back in April for that price on their website. My recommendation is to contact them and see if they'll do a courtesy raincheck. Companies will sometimes do that for customers if it means they'll make the sale now vs later for the same price (if you hold out that long). All they can say is "No", right?

Besides, why does the IncredibleHul(k) need a Bowflex? Does the tough assembly make you madder than normal, thus making you even stronger?


Chuck Norris knows. Other than him, I have no idea.


The deal I saw previously on woot was through bowflex. Prettywootprincess posted it. I was thinking that they might have a schedule they stick to in regards to when they offer the discount.