questionsis this possible evidence of time travel?


How likely is it that Dahmer was sent here from the future to stop killers before they committed their murders?


absolutely not. "Why?" you ask. for a few reasons

1. Nearly all of dahmer's victims were gay men who he picked up at gay bars (I think that's true). So, unless he was from the "Gay men who will commit murder one day" division, he wouldn't have killed only one demographic.

2. He got caught.

3. His methodology was to torture his victims, something that no law enforcement agency would allow. If he truly was here to stop killers before they committed the act, he would have either made the kills quick, or he would have arrested the future criminals.

4. He ate his victims.

5. He had sex w/ his victims' corpses.

6. He was just too damn weird to be a good guy.


The unidirectional nature of the time continuum makes that an unlikely possibility.


Since nothing can travel faster than light... Time travel will never be possible.


that is a twisted way of thinking about it. but i bet there is someone out there right now creating a tax-free religion based on this story being proof of dahmer's from the future alienness


Inb4 tachyons and bosonic string theory.


@jsoko I heard chuck norris was faster than light.


@captainsuperdawg: Depending on whether you define the CIA as a law enforcement agency, a few of your points may not necessarily be valid. They are often caught and they definitely seem to appreciate the "positive aspects" of torture.


@neolithicx: Chuck Noris makes light look... dark.


@neolithicx: I just wish he would run for president... He is such an intelligent, thoughtful, man. Unlike some others...


@w00tgurl: thank for the vote of confidence in my new religion.