questionsis there a bug with email notifications?


@durkzilla Did you check your spam folder? I don't follow when my name is mentioned but it is worth checking.
Why is this in chat?


@caffeine_dude: Well, I got this one, so I guess it isn't a permanent error....

I tagged this as chat myself when I posted it. It isn't related to a specific deal so I figured "chat" is where it belonged.


@durkzilla: Not sure if this is the case, but keep in mind if you add a comment to a deal or question, the system assumes you have read any previous comments and will not notify you on any previous comments awaiting notification.


@durkzilla: It's working just fine, trust me. I saw at least one time where someone had mentioned me, but put a paren right in front of the at sign, which breaks the link/email/you-name-it stuff. For example, (@arosiriak) will not send out a notification, but ( @arosiriak) will.

[Edit] See how interesting that is?


@josefresno: Interesting - I didn't realize the system was capable of recognizing posts I may have already seen. That's actually very cool.