questionswhat makes someone or something deserving?


I don't usually use this phrase in connection with positive events, but rather more in line with the idea that something negative has occurred and that "karma" is catching up with the individual.


You would be more likely to hear me say, "Oh, they earned it." But, that's just the republican in me.


I usually use it when someone's had to face a hardship and wind up either getting a lucky break on something or people take notice of what happened to them and do something to make their life easier. Because it's just a sense or justice or fair play in the world. Good things can't always happen to the terrible people or the world would be a messed up place to live, so when something good happens to people who play by the rules, even when they know they'd get further without them, it's like karma or God, or whatever outside force you believe in rewarding them, and I can't help but feel like "Yes, they deserve to get something in return for all their hard work."


I think "karma" is the correct answer no matter what your "beliefs" are.