questionswhat happened to the good grocery store coupons!?


If you have a Kroger card (the thing you scan when you check out)they will mail you coupons once or twice a month for things you buy frequently. I get free pizza and frozen fruit coupons all the time, among other things.

It seems like you get better deals through customer loyalty than from the ads in the paper.


A lot of the good coupons are now offered at the on-line coupon sources which are pretty cool as you only print the ones that you want.


@scarabkafer I have a Kroger card but I don't get any mailed coupons. Guess I should make sure that I "allowed" them to send me marketing material.

@squirtle456: On-line coupon sources? Do you have links?


@bogie21:, and for stores that have club cards, the store websites.

also, celfire and for coupons that can be loaded directly onto your store club-card and automatically used at checkout.

also check out the drugstore and grocerystore forums at, they have threads for any and all grocery chains, with the deals and ads usually posted 1-2 weeks in advance so you can plan your future trips to the store.

the real trick is to combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons on the same item... store coupons are a "DISCOUNT" and manu coupons are a FORM OF PAYMENT, so both can nearly always be used together the same item.


It IS a marketing thang.
In the olde days, stores could print out $100 worth of coupons, and write them off.Customers would use maybe $10. Winner! Then the gov made them do audits, so they just floated that $90 for a while. Still, winner!
These days it's the loyalty cards. They go right to the database. They know what people buy on certain days at particular stores. And they always know what YOU bought. Did you buy Soap#1 the last three times you ran out? You'll get coupons for Soap#2 and Soap#3, but unless Soap#1 needs a surge for their reports you'll not get a coupon for Soap#1. Again.
Remember during the Bad8 years the Bushies alowed "affiliates" to share personal information? As in, your bank and the store, owned by the same umbrella corp, with a same board member in an insurance company that your employer used. Your employer was now entitled to see your banking activity (for "security" reasons), and the bank had access to your health records to determine your interest rates.


A lot of this affiliate activity goes on. They're less likely to tell you about it. It's all sellable. You'll never know.
Is there someone you don't like? Get an extra loyalty card, put it in their name, and use that card (cash!) for the "undesirable" purchases. Alcohol, smokes, junk food, cold medicines etc. Do NOT EVER use your credit card for this loyalty card. The cashier? You're not the first person this hour to get cash in the first purchase to pay for the second. YOUR name, records, etc stays clean. Your employer and insurance company won't know you buy a gallon of gin every Friday night.
I work IT. This is real. "They" know more about you than you'll ever know. I am diabetic- my insurance records show this. As a "citizen", even as an "employee", those records aren't mine- they belong to the insurance company. I'm not allowed to see them, and in many cases it would be illegal for me to see them. But, in IT ...
WOW! A quarter of it is crap! And I need to worry about my liver?!?!