questionsdo you shop at aldi?


i shopped at aldi back in college in illinois. if there was an aldi near me now (seattle), i'd still shop there. good prices, good quality. for some of the basics like chips, bread, milk etc., i never noticed a difference.

however, i'd never buy their peanut butter again. it was nasty and oily. other than that, never had a problem. my parents still shop there as well.

on a side note, back in the day, i was always impressed that the cashiers had the code for every item in the store memorized. now they've gotten all lazy and just scan the items. i swear the old school cashiers were much faster than the scanners.


This is the store @wootfast only shops at. He won't stop raving about his weekly purchases. You should ask him for advice.


Aldi is actually pretty good. The quality of some of their products is surprisingly very good. I've had some great dubliner cheese from there and I actually prefer their brand of Drumsticks over Nestlé's. Just make sure you have your own shopping bags because they charge about $0.10 for each one.


You won't sacrifice a thing. Maybe avoid canned vegetables. Aldi today is nothing like the Aldi of 20 years ago. Fresh produce arrives daily - at prices you can't beat anywhere most of the time.

They have a lot of gourmet foods and generally a good selection of really good quality food.

There are some misses, but I can't name any.

Here are just a few things we regularly buy there: Tortilla chips, milk, eggs, butter, greek yogurt, spinach, cheese, pepperoni, onions, carrots, celery, broccoli, bread, fresh take-n-bake pizzas.

And they have some great specialty items from time to time. Arrancini bites, lamb roast, whole duck, goat milk cheddar, cheesecake. This past Christmas, they had dark chocolate covered soft gingerbread cookies and they were really good.

There's always something new to see if you only go once a week or so.


I shop at Aldi all the time. More now that I live in Germany but still. Before I moved here I shopped at Aldi. When I move back to the States I'll shop there again. They have fresh bread dispensers that have the best pretzels I've had over here. No lie. There's two different Aldis and one of them owns Trader Joe's. But if you go into any Aldi, Nord or Sud, they're pretty much the same over here.


The produce is great at Aldi's! Plus it's reasonably priced compared to other grocery stores. They have some nice bacon wrapped filet for around $1.88 each. And frozen cream puffs, yum! So far the only thing I didn't like was the store brand Cheetos. They were flavorless, and ended up in the bird feeder.


We shop there from time to time. Most of their prices are great, quality is good. Check their flyer on your way in for some extra savings. Read your labels though, if you're into trying to eat less processed food, you'll need to be careful.


@questionsanswered: You must have had a bad bag of Cheetos as I found them to be quite good.


All great comments and advice here (from what I skimmed).

We stop by ours weekly. We don't do the bulk of our shopping there as it is not nearby, but we get what we can when we can. This usually includes at least fresh fruits, cereal, sometimes our dairy, and chocolate. :)

I forgot about diapers.


No, but I do shop at Trader Joe's.

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Chips, any style are quite good
Milk although the one near me doesn't carry 1% which is they type we like most
Ice Cream, limited selection but what they carry is decent
Almond milk, although I prefer Chocolate which they rarely have
Hot fudge

Bread, how they can do bread wrong is beyond me but IMO Lovin' Fresh is just awful and tastes more like sawdust than flour!
Salsa, the brand they use to sell was a hit(fresh) but their new brand(last couple years) is just mushy and glorified Pace.


Yes! The produce is the best especially for the price. The bread products are always fresh. I can't tell a difference in any of the dairy from any other grocery store. Be selective in the frozen foods section, simple vegies are fine but dinners or ice cream may not be the best if it's not name brand (which they sometimes have). The meat is okay, if you're picky you may not care for it.


+1 for the fresh produce and prices. Really hard to beat. If it werent for them being really far from my house I would shop there regularly. The "off brand" stuff is decent quality too. Just dont forget to bring your own bags


I remember going there as a kid with my Grandparents. I stopped in one the last time I was up there and wasn't really impressed. They use to have way more and better items than they do now. Some decent deals here and there, but nothing great.
This was all a few years ago. I don't have any in this area.


Like others have said, it's hit and miss for me. The produce has really improved since I first went there (which is probably 15 or so years ago). I also didn't like the canned tomato products back then and have to admit I haven't tried them since. I've tried their brand of coffee and didn't like it, but I'm picky about that.

Things I like to get include granola bars, spiral-sliced ham (everyone in my extended family gets their Christmas ham there), chocolates (always a great selection at Christmas), eggs, butter, cartons of butternut squash soup.

I would say give it a try and you'll find out which things you like and which you don't. The savings are definitely worth it.


Is that the place that makes you bring your own bags/boxes and they force you to bag your own purchases? Walmart FTW!


@bsmith1: That's a small price to pay. They do absolutely everything to bring costs down and you complain about this? It's good for the environment if you buy reusable shopping bags and you don't have people putting a loaf of bread in a bag with two bowling balls.

All the cost-cutting and minimal staff means the staff they do have are treated and paid well, too.


@thepenrod: I think it's a matter of preference. Theirs is less greasy than name brand. To some that's a plus, to others not.


I have shopped at Aldi. I didn't care for their hamburger buns. Their super-lean ground beef is good, though, and a great bargain vs other grocers.


They also have really good wine for great a run for the money!


Thanks for asking this question @eraten. And thanks for all the answers from others. I've been watching this w/interest. Haven't been there...yet. Know that you byob(ags).

Did want to ask if they accept debit/credit cards? There's another store here where you bag your own & that one does not. Just's easier to debit than write a check.


They're hit and miss, in my opinion. I'm a vegetarian so I don't expect them to have nearly the same options as somewhere like Stop & Shop, but it's not bad. I don't typically carry much cash and they don't take credit cards, so make sure you have enough cash when you go in. Some of the stuff isn't that good, but it really depends on the item. If nothing else, it's worth a try to get their brand and see how you like it.

You might want to try Trader Joe's, if you have one reasonably nearby. It won't be as cheap as Aldi's, but it's close, IMO. At least for some things. Veggie bacon, for instance is $3.79 at TJ and $4.99 basically everywhere else. Since they produce like 90% of what they sell, there's significantly less of a brand name mark up.


I used to shop at Aldi in Germany (or Hofer, depending on how far south I was) and would totally shop there again if we had one here...

I'd shop at Lidl before I shopped at Aldi though...


Aldi's is great! Their brand of Velveeta is icky (doesn't melt right - gets sort of grainy), but everything else I've had there is fab! Great prices, great quality and availability of some great things you don't see in normal grocery stores. I'm told some also sell wine (my folks are a huge fan of Aldi wine), but our local store doesn't, so I can't speak to it for myself.

The not taking credit cards things is kinda annoying, but I generally shop based on actual cash in my account, so paying with debit is fine for me. If I'm really in a financial bind and we need food, I can always do the Walmart credit card thing there instead, but I'd rather shop at Aldi's.

Side note: If you're willing to take the time to coupon, Target is a great place for it. They will take both a Target and a manufacturer's coupon on the same item, which is fantastic. As long as you know enough about grocery pricing to be able to judge if it really is a good deal, you can do pretty darn good at Target.


I love Aldi. You get some really neat European brands there, too. They also carry some really good table wines for under $10.


I shop there regularly. They have the best prices on milk, eggs, hummus and carrots (staples in my house). A lot of their other products are very good. Maybe not top of the line but often better than or equal to other store brands and for the price it's well worth it.
I have found that you do have to be a little careful of some of their produce (berries might be overripe at times, bags of oranges sometime have a mushy/molding one in them, bananas are often so green that they may never really ripen). But if you're careful about picking out those items, you can do well.

They have some great seasonal items. Stoopwaffles/caramel waffles come in the late fall. Their jarred pestos and refrigerated pastas are available every few months. They had some great imported cheeses this Christmas season.

And, perhaps most importantly, Aldi is the best place to get reasonably priced real European chocolate.


@gmwhit: They accept debit, but not credit cards. And no manufacturer coupons, which rarely matters since they carry mostly private label goods.


@gmwhit: At least here (Illinois), Aldi accepts debit. And yes, bring your own bags. I buy staples like shredded cheese, yogurt, kefir, eggs, canned tomatoes/tomato paste, frozen veg there, and it's all fine. Some items arent cheaper than my usual grocery store, but that just means that I dont get those items when I stop at Aldi.

One thing, though, here at least, the cow milk smells (or tastes? not totally sure) like lettuce. Iceburg lettuce. Other people have mentioned it over the years, and I thought it sounded ridiculous, so I went ahead and purchased their milk when I started shopping there. Turns out they were right. So maybe dont count on their milk being the greatest. All their other dairy seems great. Ive had their almond milk, though, and it was fine.

(end ramble)


@togle: At least where I am, southern Illinois, the milk is produced by Prairie Farms - a name brand you see in other stores, but sold under the private label of Friendly Farms.


I shop at Aldi's at least once a week.. its more of a treasure hunt than a grocery shop visit.. just something to do after eating at my favorite Mexican restaurant. ...

Last week I bought (4) Dr. Seuss books for $1.99/ea clearanced off.. I have also bought Nerf guns there (The Retaliator) at I think $14.99/ea which is a helluva good deal for them..

I also bought a SD-card red-cherry wood picture frame there for $24.99 -- and i've had it for years now. Works perfectly (With auto-shut-off, etc).


I do like shopping at Aldi because of the low prices. At my local store, the cashiers are also very fast! Since there's pretty limited selection between brands, of course some of it is going to be hit or miss, but that's a matter of personal preference anyway. I say go and try out some of the foods. If you don't like them, don't buy them again. I get most of my staples from there though (milk, orange juice, eggs, etc.). I also love their sales on produce. Pineapples can be 99 cents!


I shopped there nearly every other day while living in Germany too and once I returned to the states I continue to do so when I get a chance. The ones here aren't as nice as the one's across the pond. But still great selection and great prices. For the sweet tooth check out their candy section. I love the racers. Kinda like a snickers but not a sweet.
Aldi it's a definite stop when you get a chance. Also don't let others opinions put you off of food products. Everyone has different taste buds so give stuff a shot its cheap enough.

Sadly I only get to go to one about once every other month or so. Closest one is about an hour to an hour and a half away. But hands down better than kroger & walmart. We are just now getting something called Cash Saver about 10 or 15 mins away from my house. Supposedly you see the price they pay from the supplier then you + 10% & that's what you pay. No idea if they are any good though.

PS: Bring your own bags! and a $0.25 for the cart. (you get it back)


baked potato chips, tortilla chips, and actually some of the cheese is good (for in recipes, not cubed and eaten by itself) along with some other staples. you have to be careful with some of the veggies/fruit and I stay away from most of the meat. I save at least $50 a month there, while buying my more selective items at a "big name" place.


My wife and I frequent a discount grocery store here. They have a lot of frozen restaurant supply type stuff (burgers, chicken strips, etc) for dirt cheap. I will admit I was a little worried the first time I went there but I've never gotten anything that was even questionable.

You can get dented canned goods and bread that expires that day too, but we normally don't bother. It'll just go bad before we eat it anyway.

Our household grocery bill runs about $700 a month right now (my kids drink about 5 gallons of milk a week) so we do about everything that we can to cut back on cost.

The rising prices of groceries is astonishing these days. Everything has nearly doubled (at least 50% in my area) in the past 5 years. Honestly, You can put a little fault on fuel prices, but they've been static for the past 3 years. Personally, I blame Congress for increasing minimum wage. Oddly enough, they gave exactly a 50% pay increase and that's about what you see in food cost increases


I loved Aldi's when I lived near one. I wish they would expand out here (Pac NW). Like any other place with private labels, they are hit and miss. But most at Aldi's are a hit, and at really great prices. Go and save some money!


I love Aldi's now! I used to be skeptical about them & really thought they were some low quality discount grocery surplus store! But then they opened up a new store in our city & I found out that they are owned by the same parent company that owns Trader Joes! I looove TJ's and we drive 4 hours every few months to the closest one in St Louis to stock up! But in between Aldi's is where we do 50% of our shopping with the other half split between the local healthfood store & Walmart! One thing I do is PM their produce at Walmart! .19 for tiny rough looking avocados at Aldi's but pm'd for big fat ones at Walmart is awesome!


Our local Walmart is sooo competitive with the new Aldis here that they pretty much will price match whatever produce item & for whatever price I say it is, no questions asked! We usually go first to Aldi's and then fill in the blanks at the other two stores! Like Quorn vegetarian products only sold at the healthfood store & brand name goods like Pepsi One or vitamin water & Captain Crunch cereal stuff like that at Walmart! But Aldi's has the best prices on the basics & like Trader Joes always has some neat European/German imported specialty items on special that we love to try! Also if U aren't happy with something, u bring it in & they not only refund ur money but replace the item for free! Best satisfaction guarantee ever!


Really appreciate Aldi stores. You can pick up a lot of staples and produce there reasonably and is a good point to use for Price Matching at other stores. Puny lettuce at Aldi = $1.29, Fat head of lettuce at WallyWorld for $1.29.

Lots of Aldi products are the same as the comparable 'brand name' but just re-branded for non-american audiences. Do watch for their (and everyone else's) prepackaged food, as much of it has WAY too much sodium for a healthy diet...this includes can goods.

Many good deals on merchandise as well. Often times very cheap SD ram cards, Cameras, GPS's, just remember that these deals are often limited to a few per store and it's best to catch them when they come out.

Trader Joe's and Aldi's are two of my favorite placed to get good merch inexpensively and often with a little extra variety and change up from everyday national brands and typical grocery offerings.


I miss having an Aldi as close as we did before we moved. They're great. There's some things that might be a miss occasionally, but they have such a fantastic guarantee on their products that it is always worth the risk to me. We bought some ground turkey we didn't like at all and returned it (well, the wrapper, we didn't bring in the cooked turkey), and it was a no hassle return, refund, and go pick out another item for free in said department (got ground sausage instead). Done the same with anything that didn't meet expectations, but that's only been maybe 3 things out of the year we'd shopped there before we moved.


Never heard of the place i reckon its an northern store? i live in Louisiana deep south. Sounds interesting though.


Surprised no one has mentioned Trader Joe's. It's a super-Aldi that's not in all the Aldis markets, and it's either the same company or a brother company or something like that.

Almost all the food is organic, higher quality everything, and the prices are still awesome. You can get heat and eat rack of lamb for $15. Srsly. This is where "three buck chuck" comes from that you always hear about.


tried a couple of times , ended up throwing most things away, it may be cheaper but 8t tastes that way as well


Where I live in GA Aldi usually beats walmart but what
Aldi does best is Candy.