questionsdo you use livingsocial plus?


I have it. It's my understanding that I pay $20 a month for $25 worth of credit, and $20 of that rolls over if I don't spend it. So I don't lose anything by being a member on months when I don't buy stuff, and I gain $5 when I do. Plus, you can request deals that you missed and they will try to get them for you. I didn't see any downside to it. The only thing I don;t like about it is when I go to look at the deal, it doesn't show me the price, it says "Free with your Living Social Deal Bucks", so I can't easily tell if it's a good value. It isn't too hard to figure out the price, but I would rather they listed the price, and then put my credit amount in a different spot.


Definitely depends on what they have for your area. Around where I live its not worth it as the deals are almost exclusively focused on women with a lot of free time for spas.


@moondrake: Groupon does the same thing, when you have a credit on your account. To get around it I either don't log in (Living Social) or use a secondary account (Groupon), so then I get to see the price of the deal.

I have purchased several Living Social deals and I even purchase them for the cities that I am visiting. I have never had any troubles with any of my Living Social deals but I do not buy them often enough to subscribe to LS+.