questionswould you like to hear my bad experience with…


i ordered a white elephant mystery gift from them last month. the content and quality was not good. (not even up to woot's lousy b o c standards.) at least with woot, i can give away or sell most of the stuff i can't use. 13deals stuff ended up in the garbage. probably won't order from them again, at least not the mystery items or additional items like you purchased.


Sorry for your bad experience. I, too, ordered one of their 'extras' the 1st time I placed an order. Lesson learned; never did that again. Junk.

But, as I recall, it does state that if you order more than 1, they'll combine and send something of higher value. I've continued to order from them...occasionally they do have good deals.

One positive thing - at least they got back to you very quickly, eh?


@gmwhit: touche. i think they even have a phone number you can call.
you are correct, they do say that they "may" combine the smaller items into one item of higher value. You are left up to their whims.