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I haven't seen anything in the magazine to indicate they're avoiding Dyson. They're pretty responsive to reader queries, though, so perhaps your best option would just be to contact them directly.


@magic cave: I did notice in the sidebar; "Ranking of Dependability" where Dyson is included. I'm not a big proponent for or against Dyson, I own a LG vacuum, but was just surprised to think that the quality of Dyson has dropped off significantly OR that the other manufacturers have stepped up their game.
Thanks for the suggestion!


Perhaps they're good, but just not worth it for the price. Gaining double the lifespan for 4x the price isn't worth it for most people.


It's been a long time since I read CR, but I do wonder about the reliabilty survey and its results - namely, is it really a product issue or maintenance issue that gets blamed on the product by the respondent? My last two found-on-the-curbside vacuum cleaners couldn't suck because their hoses got clogged. After pulling out the hairball and washing the filter (also ignored maintenance), both have been working fine.

As for Dyson's price - at retail price, I'd be hard pressed to recommend; at Woot prices, I have no qualms.


The Dysons didn't score well enough to be considered among the best. If you look at the 11/13 issue and compare it with the full Ratings on the CR website, you'll see they scored lower down the charts.

While I work at CR, I don't work in appliance testing. So I don't know what went into creating the list or the cut-off point.


Don't the manufacturers have to send in a sample to be included in the testing? Dyson didn't send a sample?


@valium: strange that they didn't score well... we finally bought one a dc 25 one month ago at costco. It totally blows away the hoover & dirt devil vacs we've had over the past 15 years. (no pun intended)

I am concerned that a few of the flimsier-looking plastic pieces may eventually break, but that's why I'm glad I bought it at costco; if it ever dies/breaks, I can just return it.


@thunderthighs: For Consumer Reports, No. They never accept models from the manufacturer and will always buy their own for test purposes. Thier logic is that they may receive a model created better if they asked the manufacturer for one.

When they buy units for testing, they buy several of them from different stores in different geographic locations without telling anyone they work for Consumer Reports.

@valium, I'm surprised they didn't publish the results in their latest paper version even if the results were bad. I remember a product in the late 80's regarding a printer where they said, "We will rate this product as soon as we find one that works." :) So they are not afraid to give a product a horrible rating if the product deserves it.


@cengland0: One of these reviews dates back to 2008.


What is surprising to me is that a few years ago all other vacuums were compared to Dyson. Today Dyson doesn't even make a mention in the write up. Something seems a little odd about that.....


@kamikazeken: I agree, my Dysons are far superior to anything I've ever used. Electrolux, Dirt Devil, Kirby, Miele, you name it I've used them over the years.

I've had to replace a couple things on one of my Dysons that were broken during one of our moves but it was super easy to source parts. The disassembly was not. Putting them back together is decidedly easier though.


that sucks................


I don't trust CR and won't give them a dime. They have been huge advocates of government healthcare, and pushed Obamacare hard. Now they have it.

I wanted an independent publication that reviewed products and they decided to abandon that mission.


CR seems to have their own agendas when it comes to testing things. Since it seems I own all the "Bad rated" products and have had no problems with them, I don't consider them a source of good data anymore.


Probably because the vast majority of Dysons are now refurbs.


I love my Shark Lift Away Pro, I've used Shark's since the Navigator and I can not recommend them enough. Dysons are ok, but for double the price I can buy 2 Sharks and leave one on each floor if I really wanted to be lazy.

You can get refurb'd Sharks for well under $100 that out perform the $500 Dyson.


@vegassmitty: I've had the reverse experience. I typically use CR as a resource in conjunction with other online reviews, Amazon. In my past experience, CR's rating have always been consistent with other user ratings online. I cannot think of one time where I found a highly rated product on CR that went on to have terrible reviews online. Of all my purchases based up CR, I have never been disappointed! CR is in no way perfect just as any manufacturer is..... there will always be some % of a new product that is faulty. They are a good resource for identifying trends in products/manufacturers over the years.


@zapp brannigan: I love my Shark Lift Away too! (Mine is a ~$80 2011 woot refurb.) The many rave reviews on numerous sites convinced me to buy, in particular from people who had owned both a Shark and a Dyson, and either actually preferred the Shark, or saw no reason to pay a large premium for the Dyson.


@jrhusc: Why in the world would you try to turn a question about vacuum cleaner ratings into your own agenda about your feelings on healthcare?


Only the people who have health insurance, usually provided through their employment, are against healthcare for those who don't have it.


Dyson wouldn't have so many refurbs to sell if they weren't constantly breaking.


@vegassmitty: CR ratings are data for a decision; I try to look at everything and make my decisions on to overall feel of a particular situation. If something looks like a duck and quacks like one it is likely a member of the GOP


and only the people that don't want to do for themselves would want the government in every aspect of their lives.