questionswhat do you do if someone expired your deal but…


I'd repost in the meantime, but contact a woot admin to let them know if was RIPed in error...I imagine they'll either unRIP it or just let the repost stay up.


I've found an tattle that it's still alive usually gets reponded to quickly and reactivates your original post.


Thanks for both of your help @thedogma & @mtm2

I'll look into this and update if I find what works best.


Send a tattle, let us know it's still alive. We'll look into it.


I'd set off on an elaborate Liam Neeson-esque huntdown and find those people responsible for expiring my deal. Once I found them, I would, with incredible force and determination, call them "Stinky doo doo head tattle-tales" and demand to know why they tattled on my awesome deal.


@captainsuperdawg: You forgot the part where you grab them by the shirt and yell "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?" in their face Jack Bauer style.

The follow-up Chuck Norris roundhouse kick is optional, but obviously preferred.


Reactivating this 3 day old deal isn't a good idea. It's now stale - will not be in the 'Fresh' tab, and most people will never see it. Since it's already RIP'd, you can relist it. This is your best option.


Ransack that person's house. That'll teach 'em.


Many thanks to all. I sent a tattle and said the deal was still alive and well and it appeared back as active.


@gmwhit: I disagree since if it were reposted, people might see it as a dupe and tattle. Moreover, when I'm looking for an item, I will search and if a deal is not RIP'ed, I will click on it, even if it's a month or more old. Some items do stay at a low price for a while.


@ali1331: RIP'd deals are never dups, and would not be deleted if posted again. Looking through old deals if fine if you KNOW exactly what you're looking for. I believe most people do not do that.

Deals become stale after 24 hours and, for the most part, are not viewed by many. This site seems to be a window-shopping or browsing venue. The only time I search for an item is to see if the deal's already been posted.


The re-release it, can not restore.