questionsare you still haunted by nuns?


Luckily no.

Hope the scars don't run to deep.


Same as @mtm2 on this one. I went to a public school. Look at how well I was learned. :)


Nope, me neither...public school grad here, k - 12.


Yeah I went to public school as well. In fact, I don't think I've even seen a nun in real life.


Yes and no is my answer. I forget why. Went to private school for one year, longest year ever. lol.

But I could help you forget the haunt with the Nuns having fun calendar and Nuns Learning Karate.

If you watched the second link, I thought the last clip was hilarious. Stabbed to the chest with a crucifix is probably just as bad as getting stabbed with a knife to the soul.


Takes a long time, but recovery is possible! I had 12 years of catholic school. Couldn't wait to get out & go to a secular college. Maybe it's just age, but I'm no longer haunted. I also tend to steer clear of organized religion in general. Find it damages the soul. Don't mean to offend anyone. Just my choice of path in life.


Yes, and I'm not even Catholic, nor did I attend Catholic schools.


"Catholic grammer school"? that's it @mkentosh, i'm calling the nuns!


I was lucky to start catholic school just after the knuckle-smacking went out of style.

But I'm still haunted, just the same. If my spelling and grammar start lapsing Sister Mary Helen pops into my head and gives me a very stern lecture about how I won't amount to anything if I can't tell my homonyms apart.

"If you can't define the word you don't know what it means!" - Sister M.H.