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The issue is the display...most devices will just have the Aux input and let the display be the MP3 device (phone, ipod, etc)

Your best bet is to search for Internet Radios because they'll usually have nice displays for navigation. I didn't really search much, but something similar to this one:
There are a lot of those that will have USB inputs that you could put MP3s on a USB stick or have an adapter to go from SD to USB. As an added bonus, you'll be able to stream Internet Radio too! Some may have SD inputs, you'd just have to search around.


Thanks for the research and suggestion. In general that looks like a very good place to start.

I guess I need to add more information about my particular needs. I want this for my mother, who's in her 80s, so I can mail her music and OTR (preferably on SD cards which are very easy to mail). So the fewer functions, and the simpler the controls, the better. Therefore I'm looking for something that's as close to a "solid state cassette player" as possible.

Without trying the Grace, I see an awful lot of buttons, a "shift" function, and the one USB port is on the back. I fear that this might be more technology than my mother can master in her mid-80s. She has "reprogrammed" her digital table radio several times. :-(

Having said all that, If I were buying this for myself I think the Grace would be a good choice. I would like to find something similar, but simpler to use, for my mother.

Thanks again for providing a good starting point for further research and suggestions!


I found some stuff that looks like it might be along the lines of what you're looking for. That being said, it seems to be pretty low quality Chinese junk. But I haven't really seen anything else out there that's what you're looking for. I would probably just hook a sansa up to a powered speaker but I don't know if that's an option for your particular situation.


Thanks for looking, but none of those gadgets appear to have a decent display that shows all the track info, etc. In fact most of them do not have internal speakers.

A Sansa would not work for my mother: the display is too tiny for her 80+ year old eyes, and the buttons are too tiny for her arthritic hands. I really need something that's more like a table radio in terms of size and convenience.

I get the impression that this is a gap in the products available. There are tons of tiny portables. There are a few huge & ugly boomboxes. But it's very hard to find a table-top size player with a good display and convenient buttons.

Please help... Anyone... ???


That is the Samsung S5. I had its predecessor the K5 and loved it. However, it fits the general idea of what you want, but doesn't really hit the requirements you're looking for. Its the only portable MP3 player I know of with built in speakers designed to sound good.


What about a used android phone and a docking station with speakers? Root the phone and install a stripped down ROM with limited functionality.
Then, set up a new google account where you can upload music to play on the phone - google play music app via wifi. You can update the music remotely.

You may even be able to install remote-control software in the phone so you can "tweak" it remotely.

And to take it one step further - install remote video surveillance app so you can keep tabs on your mother, if you are worried about her health.


You have to be joking! I asked for a solution that would be simpler and more user-friendly. You're suggesting a user nightmare. I explained that my mother has no internet, and you're suggesting a google account and remote software. That's a real trainwreck of an idea. I hope you at least got a good laugh from writing it, otherwise it has no merit whatsoever.


If you're not concerned with sound quality, another option is digital photo frames. A lot of those will play mp3 files from the SD slot. I don't think they typically give good track information and such because they expect you to be showing pictures on the screen with the music for a slideshow.

Another option would be a TV! Some TVs will have a USB port that can be used to play video and music files from. You would just have to teach her how to select the USB input source and then she could use the remote to navigate through the songs. This option doesn't fit your small size criteria, but it fulfills everything else.


@crowbite: 1)You never mentioned that your mother does not have an Internet connection. However, if she did... 2)You can actually set it up for her so that she only has to know how to hit a few "buttons" to get to the music (e.g. put it in driving mode and she will only have to push the "music" button). Everything that goes on behind the scenes is for you to set up. For her, it would just be "Magic"
3) The extras would also be for you so that you can help her remotely when she calls to say, "How do I do that again" and possibly to check up on her to see if she is ok.


You're right. I had mentioned the "no internet" info, but apparently I deleted it when I ran out of space. Mea culpa. But in fact she has no internet and has never had a computer.

Your solution is pretty creative, but still I think it might be too complex for her. (And a lot of extra work for me!) She has effectively "killed" a Boston Acoustics HD radio, by holding down too long on the wrong button and putting it into diagnostic mode. She can't successfully set the time on her Sony Dreambox. So, unfortunately, I tend to believe that something simple, with big display, big buttons, and very few options, would be the best solution. She would find a way to get the phone out of the dock, and then what... ?

+1 for creativity, but for this particular situation I still fear it's not the solution I'm looking for.


@crowbite: Apology accepted ;-)

How about this idea: A boombox/stereo that plays MP3 CDs. You can burn a CD with whatever music you want to send (keep it at 128kbps to conserve space, as she is not an audiophile).
I don't know how much it costs to mail a CD, but it cant be that much more expensive than an SD card. This way, she can't even delete the MP3s.


There's nothing except little players with 1 or 2 speakers with just a number display. Here are two larger things from an ebay seller which look like direct China imports, without the polish of American design smoothing, but either could be workable:

The DVD one should have all the MP3 folders info on the larger screen just like a portable DVD player, but who knows?

I have no connection to this company, I have not seen these units in person.

I use a (purchased from woot) Sansa (which takes MicroSD only) and a portable speaker set - it is unwieldy but it works. But the Sansa has to charge with its own special USB cable. That setup wouldn't work for your mom, but it is why I want a simple one piece full SD battery/AC, not-USB-charged, unit too.


@mml666: That's exactly what we've been doing for several years.

Unfortunately, the USPS recently changed some of their rates. An envelope containing a CD is rigid, and thus is considered "non-machinable" so in addition to the older "oversize" surcharge there is now a "non-machinable" surcharge. That makes mailing a bit inconvenient and more expensive than previously.

OTOH, I can slip a small SD card into a standard size envelope, and mail it for the standard first-class rate (yeah, I know, technically it won't bend, but somehow the USPS, in their infinite wisdom, allows this). And of course an SD card can hold as much data as a dozen or more CDs.

So I'm still looking for an SD-card player of some sort.

But thanks for the concept...