questionsanyone care to help out an old cowboy figure out…


Try these guys. I've know a few people that used them and were satisfied.

You load, they drive, you unload.


I'm only answering so you don't feel ignored [grin], since I think from the information you've provided that you've already hit on the best option. It's a fairly long move, and I'm a big believer in subcontracting out as much of the work of moving that you can afford. To my mind, the best part of the pod idea is that you don't have to off-load everything as soon as it gets to town. Very useful if you don't yet have a new place to move into!

So..... details, please! When's the big day? Got a new job lined up yet? Family and/or friends in the area? (I should probably remember all this from previous posts, but alas, I don't.)


@magic cave: I'm moving in with my doppelganger @SkippyKJ - about 15 miles north of seattle. I don't have anything 100% solid lined up but i have about 2 jobs i feel i could get with 80% confidence and one that's a long shot but i have my fingers crossed for. I'm trying to get out of the automotive bidness and move on to bigger better projects but we will see where things take me. I don't have any specifics set up for the move date, currently working on getting that all squared away, It will most likely be between the last week of september and the first week of october but could be a little bit sooner if the perfect job gets lined up.

No fambily at all up in WA. It's just gonna be me and kyle... and maybe a woot staff members who feel bad for me that would wanna hang out with me... or something. if i'm lucky i guess.

Nah not really i got a good handful of friends who live up there. Needless to say I'm soups excited for the move

@mtm2: I'll check that place out. Sounds great!


I can second @mtm2 on abf. We had some friends use them, with good results.

Congrats on the move. Enjoy WA.


@cowboydann: That sounds like a good plan and a wonderful adventure! I have friends in Shelton (about 100 miles from Lynn Wood) and they dearly love that entire end of the state.


@skippykj: i believe my years of being able to see that image are long behind me.


Good luck on the move!

Is it strange that every time I read your posts in my head I hear them spoken in a cowboy twang from an old movie?


@cowboydann: We used UPack (part of ABF) for a cross-country move six years ago. The minimum charge is for 5' of space in a 28' trailer, and the cost for 8' of space that we needed was just under $1400 for an 1800 mile move.


Also agree that upack/abf is awesome. They drop off trailer, you pack it, they come back, secure your belongings behind a partition in the truck, and then they drive the trailer. When they get to your new address, you unpack. When we moved we used the whole trailer, so not sure how it will work with the partitions and all. We found them extremely reasonable, and we moved from the san francisco bay area to vegas; we were sufficiently impressed that we used them again when we moved from vegas back to CA, this time santa rosa (we have since moved 2 more times).


@cowboydann .... well... depending on your finances of course... what kind of car do you have? how much space do you have.? .. If its just you moving, personally I would scrap all furniture aside from ms pacman (seriously? that's awesome) & the small piano (also awesome)... and maybe any essential (and I do mean essential) items that can't possibly be replaced at a later time & can fit into that same car - be narrowed down to that same car.... sell anything you can that can't be replaced at later time.
Basically, if its just you and you can bounce back at a later time (which I think you can), ditch everything and just get out there. All I'm saying is that you're a man. Its time to sleep on the floor, grow a beard, eat some flap jacks, buy some flannel, a chainsaw, a rocket launcher, and move to Washington... Anyone who tells you different is lying.
Best of luck on the move bro!


I've used that website a couple times and I love it, people bid on how much they'll charge to help you move stuff, you can view their feedbacks and all sorts of stuff!

I won a DDR machine (yes the actual arcade cabinet) and managed to get it moved from 300 miles away for $160. Keep in mind that this machine weighs close to 800 lb so I thought it was pretty cheap.


@chefferz: Perhaps I'm just getting blind in my old age, but I don't see the USA in the list of countries where pick-up is available.


Comment for moral support.
Good luck on your move.


Is it against the rules to rent a pickup at enterprise with unlimited miles then take it to a U-Haul rent a trailer and then make the dribe there and back in four days then come back to pickup my car?


@magic cave: That's because the USA is fictitious. At least it is according to shirt.woot ...

@cowboydann: Many regular car rental contracts prohibit towing. You don't want to be stuck with the liability should something happen.


Here's some food (fuel) for thought.

- 1200 miles one way = 2400 round trip.
- 15 mpg. Disregard the EPA sticker, you have payload + towing a box on wheels; it's going to be less than the sticker. Uphills, and there are several mountains to traverse along the 5 - much less.
- I just fueled up yesterday at $4.159. At 160 gallons, it's $665.58 for fuel alone.

A place to sleep over along the way? At least $35/night.

You say 4 days, but that's really stretching it. 5 is more like it. Presuming you do find a rental outfit that allows for towing, $60/day minimum? Plus $20 a day for the trailer? $320-400 here.

You're looking at least $1100 to DIY in 4 days, and even more if longer. You won't be working, so there's opportunity costs to factor, not to mention all the extra energy spent being on the road.

Opt for the moving box (pod).


If you go at the beginning of October you'll make it just in time to see Tony Award Winner Alice Ripley in Carrie: The Musical.

I know that's something you were really worried about.