questionschallenge: cheapest place to order checks?


Might I suggest that when ordering something that includes all of your banking account information, the first criterion you use should not be price? I ordered checks from Wal-Mart the last time I needed new checks (moved). The price was reasonable and I didn't worry about giving out my banking information.

There are a couple of other well-known and reputable check printing companies, the ones that often have ads in the back of the coupon flyers in the Sunday paper. If you do go with a less known website, be sure to search to make sure the site is legit before you give out your info.


I just go with whatever the bank gives me for free. I write more checks than you, but still not a lot of them. I'm with @90mcg112, thought. Be very cautious about who you give those routing numbers to. The world has some very unkind people in it.

Does your bank not offer checks for free? Even my credit union just gave me checks.


best I can find is 9.21 shipped from walmart for a full box


yeah no free checks from my bank ...


I still have the original box of checks from when I opened my account 8 years ago. i write one a month, rent.
Sucks your bank charges. Who do you use?


@wickedd365: Chase they gave me 200 bucks to open the account so in theory this should cover the costs of checks .....


@90mcg112: Fair thought I had not considred that. That being said I am not as leary as most on that kind of thing. I review my banking and its detailed transactions almost daily. Money running away would get caught big time .... that being said the major company like harlan clarke make you give them the acct and routing # before you get the price .... which I am not impressed with.


@djbowman: You know, you could print your own. They sell bank stock for checks. I imagine you can buy it in places like Staples.

Please note that unless you have a very trained eye, you cannot distinguish a check printed on a home ink jet printer from one that's been issued by a bank. The electronic ink along the bottom is a tip off, but you're not using them at the grocery store, so it won't matter. Maybe I'll come back later with a link or two...


With my CU, I have them cut and mail the check for me. It doesn't cost me a thing.
I haven't written a check by hand, in over 5 years.


I ask my bank for "counter checks" and they have my account info printed on them. I tell them that I need 10-12, and they are free. YMMV


Special offers show up on FW and SD from time to time. Got 200 of them about two years ago for like $5 w/free shipping.

I only have 198 left.


I believe I read here once that anyone can order checks through Costco.

Be leery of the random check printing places. Even if they aren't scammers, or whatnot, they may not do a good job of printing your checks. And they will probably send you an email every day, reminding you to buy new checks.

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We do not write many checks but we have always gotten ours through . Every time I have ordered I have gotten the "new customer" discount which is usually something like 50% off. Checks are nice, I have always considered them cheap but never really shopped around, and so far they haven't stolen my identity or anything.


@djbowman: Ah. That sucks.
I too have Chase, but I was forced in by the WAMU buyout.
I miss Washington Mutual. Best bank ever! Free checking, checks, cashier checks, money orders, everything!


@wickedd365: You are not alone in missing WAMU, of course. I don't pay for checks with Chase (and didn't with WM either), and am still a bit surprised that they are charging anyone for checks. Times change, I suppose.