questionshelp me pick out a 10" android tablet?


I've just recently joined the 'tablet people' after purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1" tablet (from here!), and I absolutely love it! Now I'm not saying it's replaced my laptop, but I have to have that for work.
With the Tablet, I can do everything you are wanting to do, pluse I can work on my 'work documents' using apps available from either Samsung or Google Play Store.
IMHO, I really think Samsung has a great quality product, it's NOTA an Apple of any kind, and you really can pick it up for a decent price, expecially if you go with 'refurbished' as I did. I couldn't tell the difference between the one I received (in perfect condition!) and my friends which is brand new.
Shop around, look at reviews as well as complaints about any product you are considering, and I think you'll find Samsung is right up there for your needs. Good luck!


My first tablet was an ASUS Transformer and I loved it. Used it daily for two years and wore it out. I researched quite a lot last fall and decided on a Galaxy Note, but they never really went on sale (I didn't see them for more than 10% off) during the holidays, so I decided to defer the decision for a year or so and bought a lower end tablet which I've been unexpectedly happy with. It isn't a hot rod, but it has mini HDMI, micro-USB and microSD card ports, which really makes it versatile for travel. The 13.3" screen is almost the size of my laptop screen, so it's great for playing games or watching movies. In the end I am wondering if I am going to be unhappy "upgrading" to a 10" screen. It's $230 at Tigerdirect right now. I don't know if it's the tablet for you, but it's worth mentioning.

If you do get it, I recommend:


I second the Samsung. I got a refurb 10" note from all 4 cellular, on a deal they posted here, for $260ish. They have posted that same deal here, a few times since. I couldn't be happier with it. I also have a tab 2, 7 inch, and both are solid tablets. I am really enjoying the responsiveness of the note, much nicer than the Asus tf101 I was using. Since the 2014 note is out, prices have dropped on the earlier model quite a bit.


Thanks for the input everyone!

@mkentosh: Thanks! I popped on it. Got the keyboard deal too. Hopefully it's a winner.


Unbelievable that you had just posted the question, and viola! Woot! responded by having a sale. I'm just a little bummed out that the 10.1 WITH the keyboard is now less than what I paid for mine....darn you Woot! Still, I think you're going to be very happy with your choice! Enjoy! (Might have to pop for the 8" as a gift...)


@tourman61: I know! Woot is spying on us... But hey. It was a solid deal. I planned on buying a keyboard anyway. So $50 cheaper than I could find the Tab new WITHOUT a keyboard? Yeah. Figured I'd better just do it.


I also really enjoy my ASUS!! TF300T.