questionswhat's you favorite cheese to pair with bacon?


Gouda. Yes, it's smoky overkill.


Jack. I think Jack is the best cooking cheese. If you like a buttery flavor, try Asadero (from a Mexican company if you can get it, Cacique is a good brand), another excellent melting cheese. That's what's properly used in quesadillas. You may want to try adding chicken or something to your pizza. For me bread + cheese + bacon = too salty to eat.


sharp cheddar, the real stuff or the aerosolized Kraft Easy cheez. Or just show your patriotism and use 'MERICAN CHEEZ.

On pizza, you gotta use some mozzarella, and I like to add some Danish creamy havarti and about 10% cheddar to the mozzarella/Havarti blend. Maybe even a light dose of Parmesan.


Provolone! I love bacon and provolone, especially on pizza (with some green pepper so I can call it healthy :)


I try all sorts. Experiment.

I was on a Dubliner cheese kick for a few months and went through a few bricks of Kerrygold from Costco. Dubliner is a sort of sweet tasting cheese, but sharp and complex. I've found it complements flavors of saltier foods like burgers, bacon and yes, bacon burgers.

It's an interesting respite from my usual Costco blocks of Tillamook Sharp Cheddar. Give it a try if you feel like trying something new (buy a smaller package first--not a brick of it).


part skim low fat mozzarella cheese rules.


My wife and I make an awesome barbeque bacon pizza. We use crumbled bacon, Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque sauce, sliced yellow peppers and smoked cheddar cheese. The cheese we like to use is Alleghany Mountain Cheddar, but unless you live in Western PA you probably won't be able to get it. Its really not too much different from other smoked yellow cheddars. Its a creamy mild cheddar that melts well. There's something about using Sweet Baby Ray's as the sauce that really hits the spot though and it pairs very well with the yellow peppers.


@curtisuxor: I love Dubliner, I never thought of melting it on a pizza. That sounds like a cool idea. For me I usually have it with pretzel chips and beer. Like you said, the nutty flavor of it complements salty foods and salty foods compliment beer. I like to think of beer+dubliner+pretzel chips as the trifecta of deliciousness.


bleu cheese and bacon.
I recommend a bleu cheese bacon burger with onion rings and bbq sauce.


Jalapeno Jack w/ some mozerella sprinkled on top to get that cheesy pizza feel to it.


The Bertucci's chain makes a fantastic white pizza they call Nolio, topped with caramelized onions, prosciutto, lemon cream sauce and mozzarella. This looks to be a reasonable facsimile:


I love a Munster and bacon grilled cheese sandwich or burger.


Addendum to my previous comment: As a rule, I don't like white pizzas, but I make an exception for this tasty combo!


All of them.

It's bacon! It'll be amazing already!


@ginawoot: "I don't like white pizzas"

racist :-P


Thanks all. I went to a shop and spent some time pairing cheeses. I ended up with a cave aged Gruyere and Bellavitano Balsamic Sartori. I will post pictures later and let you know how it turned out.


I see so many great sounding blends you have me planning a meal or two around the idea.

The bacon you use alters the taste profile. How sweet/smoked is it?
I'd start with a smoked Provolone, with a touch of Bleu cheese (or Gorgonzola) to add sharpness as needed. If the bacon already has a smokiness, a milder, easy melting cheese like Asedero or a nice mozzarella.

Since this is a pizza project, it would be easy to lay down a base, then section the pie and try adding a little Asiago in one, Dubliner in another, etc.

Sounds yummy, but the idea of caramelized onions sounded super. My choice would be big slices of Shitake or large Portobello layered in.


I am, and have always been, a veg head. So I don't know what real bacon tastes like (!!)... (have you decided to stop reading? haha)

But from the smell & fake meat taste I would bet a super, extra, extra sharp white cheddar would be amazing. I never like how cheddar melts though, loses some flavor and gets stringy/greasy IMO. So I'd make a mixture with American cheese (melts much better), XX sharp white cheddar, and (perhaps some cream/milk to help blend but may not be necessary) and then lay it on as a thick cheesy sauce. (then add something small you like paired with bacon like peppers, onions, spices, more bacon, whatever)

Havarti and swiss (sauce? white? idk, but the cheese should pair well)

Bleu cheese

Goat cheese (just sauce, gobs of goat cheese, bacon, and spiced - basil or red pepper flakes)

Mmmm... I love my cheeses (.. and fake meat lol)

So hungry now.