questionsdoes anyone want to hear about my visit to woot…


I didn't take as many pictures as I should have taken, dang it, but I will post the best of them. Here is one of my new best friend, PWP's furbaby, Junior. What a love! When I grow up I want to work at a place that allows me to take my dog to work!


Sorry about missing you. I was feeling crappy that day and worked from home. :(


And since I KNEW everyone would want to know just how pretty she really is, I persuaded @prettywootprincess to pose for a shot alone:


Very jealous! Would love to check out the HQ next time I am in Texas. Glad you had such a great time.


How cool! So who's who in the four-person line-up above? Especially the owner of those great boots?


@thunderthighs: I just assumed that you were camera shy and knew I would be bringing my Canon. Really wanted to meet you, but I hope you're feeling better!

Oh, I should have mentioned that the folks in the group shot are: @hizzo87, @wootfast, some strange woman with a tiara, and @prettywootprincess (also in a tiara).

Note to other Wootizens who might want to visit Woot HQ: plan to be there any day EXCEPT Friday afternoon! Lots of folks are off half a day on Fridays.

Another note: although we know her as prettywootprincess, most of the folks there didn't have a CLUE as to why she was wandering around in a tiara!


@magic cave: The boots are being worn by PWP herself. (She confessed to being a shoe-lover.)


Meeting and conference rooms at Woot have entertaining names. The conference room doors were glass and didn't photograph well (one was called "The Cellar of Stabbing" or something like that) but here are a couple of others, as well as a great photo of me in front of the building:


@belyndag: Oh, there would have NO pictures of me. That's the rule. I even took down my real name tag in preparation the day before.


I did get some shots of the lobby and the Giant Head of Ken Jennings if anyone wants these posted. Everyone was incredibly nice and terribly good-looking (@prettywootprincess: Please let them know that I DID say that, as promised) and I think I'm almost related to the CFO. If we had talked much longer we would have discovered that we were 4th or 5th cousins by marriage or something, I think. I spent most of my time with the folks who work almost exclusively on DW (although a couple of these people were out) and it's really great to put a (masked) face with the name. Definitely worth the time! PWP was so kind to save me that shuttle trip from the airport to my hotel, and what would have been a lonely lunch in my room (or a restaurant lunch talking shop with the conference organizers) and I want to thank her and everyone at Woot in Dallas for letting me see where the magic happens.

Oh, and a special thanks to the "guys who make everything work" for helping me figure out IOS7!


Soooooo jealous! Did you get any scoopage on upcoming Wootoffs?


That's awesome. I'm envious. Next black triangle meeting should be in Dallas. If someone remembers to fill up the jet.


What a great adventure for you @belyndag! Thanks for sharing!!!


@okham: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you ran out of gas thanks to @Magic Cave. Hey, she said she was sorry. Anyway, that's what parachutes are for.

You should be thankful that you don't have my job--washing and waxing the company jet. And cleaning the inside? Ha! Do you know what slobs you black triangles are? Maybe I won't pack the parachutes next time. That'll teach y'all a lesson. (grumble, grumble)

@belyndag: Looks like you had a good time. Glad you shared it with us. The pictures were great!


@blgauthier: Afraid not. PWP says that the WootOffs are managed in another division and she didn't have the inside track on any of that.

I have to confess that I did ask whether there would be a WootOff this past weekend. I get the updates on my phone and I had a sudden mental image of standing on the dais trying to give my presentation over the repeating Woot alerts. (And, worse yet, frantically making the audience wait while I tried to score a BOC!)


Another fan of PWP's boots here.
Since there have been several comments on the boots, maybe she can find us a deal on them ;-)

Sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


@barnabee: sorry. Sometimes we forget the little people. Oh, and you missed a spot ;)


@barnabee: Thanks for sticking up for me. :::scowling at @okham::: Geez!! One little oversight, just ONE, and I'm never going to hear the end of it!


@ceagee: Well, the accessories.woot site has Mestige Lace Affair Shapewear today. Maybe we can start a petition drive for boots! (Some had totally funky designer rain boots around here a while back; I was in total lust for them but just couldn't justify the purchase.)


@magic cave: Nice boots have a nice price, even when they are a deal. It seems like such a commitment. I have a bit of a phobia about such things.... lol.

But maybe just maybe.... Start the petition. I'll sign.


@magic cave: How about we jet-pool and split the cost? :)


real talk though, where did you guys get those horrifying mannequin heads? and what are they even meant to sell, other than like... xanax


@belyndag: wow, that is the oddest set of testicles I've ever seen.


sounds like an awesome experience! junior is too cute! thanks for sharing your story and pics :)


@belyndag: The two not in your list, as I recall, are "The Cellar Of Stabbing" and "The Garage Of Termination And Free Coffee". I'm SHOCKED you got to see the Tower. Guess you're not an outsider any more!


@slydon: Wow! I belong!

BTW, I was not actually allowed to go INTO the Tower. Just got to see the door. Progress, I guess.


Note to PWP: I'll be down there in a couple weeks and I expect to be given a tiara!


@agingdragqueen: Dang! I wanted to meet you, too! Maybe I need to go back in a couple of weeks to meet you and TT.

BTW, if PWP offers you a tiara with pink fuzzies on it, that's the one I gave her. No regifting unless it's in a BOC (Bag of Crowns).


@belyndag: that seems excessive! But I'm flattered. Maybe Dallas HQ is now BYOT- I'll have to go out shopping before my trip.


@belyndag: Thank you for being my date! We had fun. My boots are nine west and I got them for around $30 last year. Super comfy.

These seem similar:


@prettywootprincess: It was great fun! Thanks for lunch and the tour and the tiara and all the great stuff. Give Junior a hug for me (or maybe an ear scratch).

(Pssst. Did everyone notice that PWP's boots were a DEAL!?)


@prettywootprincess: Wow you got a great deal on the boots.
I saw your deal post on the " they are sort of like these" boots. Thanks !