questionsdo you drink home made smoothies for breakfast?


Why yes I do! I have also just started making smoothies this past week, great minds think alike! I use frozen mangoes (of course :P), cherries and peaches add in a bit of honey and organic sugar some orange juice maybe a bit of water and voila refreshing smoothie. What have you been adding to yours?


Frozen fruit then Apple Juice, Orange Juice, or V8 Tropical somethingorother.

before this, I've only ever made the pre-packaged stuff that's just add liquid but I figured I could make my own for cheaper.

I can cook the hell out of anything in the kitchen, but when it comes to fruit pairing I'm lost.


Some mornings my Mom will make them for the whole family: Milk, protein, Ovaltine, and banana. Quite good ^^


I rarely use frozen fruit, when I do it's fruit I bought fresh and froze myself. Thaw out and taste some of your frozen fruit, it may not have a good flavor which could be your problem.

My smoothies consist of:
-1 banana, 6 strawberries, or a cup of other fresh fruit such as mango or melon (or a blend equaling about a cup)
-1 cup of almond or coconut milk
-1/2 cup fat free greek yogurt (Fage)
- 2 scoops biochem whey protein
-2 packets stevia or sometimes, 1 tablespoon Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate syrup
-6 ice cubes

I put the ice cubes in first, then the fruit, then everything else and the milk last. Blend well, drink within 20 minutes to get the benefit of the protein powder. Some people do not like the protein powder, but when I make it without it people say it tastes just as good as a milk shake. This makes a big smoothie, by the way, like 28-30oz.


My favorite smoothie recipe:

1 medium orange, peeled
1 cup peach yogurt
1/2 banana
4 ice cubes
~1/2 cup apple juice or milk (vary to get consistency you want)


I'm too lazy to blend.

4oz. OJ
1 scoop protein powder

Every morning.


A family favorite is one I came up with, called the Cool Elvis. 1 frozen banana, 1 generous tbsp. peanut butter, handfull of ice, and splash of milk, cow or almond. This one is super hardy, and sustained my cousin through having his jaw wired.

As another poster said, store bought frozen fruit is often just not very good. It often doesn't seem ripe enough.


I just bought my wife a immersion blender for xmas and she LOOOVES it. It's perfect for making these. not recommended for frozen fruits at all, so we thaw those out in the sink a bit 1st ;)
usually we mix mango/banana/raspberry with a little plain yogurt and some honey. good stuff!!! :D